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    FOR SALE Miroku Ultra Hi .45 Cal rifle

    45 Cal Miroku Ultra Hi rifle. Bag ships with it. $225 + shipping
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    FOR SALE Knife sale 5

    Handmade Charles Carter knife, Blade made from file. $100 + shipping
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    FOR SALE Knife sale 4

    Handmade Charles Carter knife, $150 + shipping
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    FOR SALE Knife sale 3

    Handmade Charles Carter knife, Stag handle from Europe. Bark tan deer hide sheath. $160 + shipping
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    SOLD Knife sale 2

    Handmade Charles Carter knife, Bark tan deer hide sheath. $140 + shipping
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    FOR SALE Knife sale

    John Young handmade knife $100 + shipping.
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    How to move post back up list ?

    How do you move a previous post back up back to top of list on for sale forum ?
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    SOLD TC Hawkens barrel

    50 cal barrel for Thompson Center Hawkens, brought rifle for stock to use with Green Mtn barrel. The TC barrel has factory sights and ramrod. $180 + shipping.
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    Bore camera ?

    I'm looking for a bore camera to use with phone and or PC. Do any of you have any recommendations. I am amazed at how many and the wide price range when I started looking for one.
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    WANTED Zouave Rifle rear sight

    In need of a Three leaf flip up rear sight for a Hunter .58 cal 2 band Zouave Rifle stamped Remington 1863.
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    Troubleshooting cap problem

    Traded for a 45 the other day. After cleaning it up I decided to see how it shoots. Ran into interesting problem. Cap fires only after 2nd attempt. Changed nipples (new) and problem was fixed for 15 shots then returned. Any suggestions ?
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    TC "Black Powder Only" warning

    What year did Thompson Center Arms add th BP only warning engraved on the Hawken's barrel ?
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    Shipping a muzzleloder from Canada to USA ?

    Recently found a beautiful TC 32 cal on auction site in SK Canada. Found out I couldn't bid due to their firearm laws. Is it possible to ship to USA ? Ask auctioneer to give my info to buyer if they wish to sell.
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    WANTED TC Hawken stock

    Looking for a stock with hardware to fit Hawkens barrel I've acquired.
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    TC Cherokee 45 Cal barrel twist ?

    Anybody know what the barrel twist is in the Cherokee's 45 caliber is ?
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    SOLD Traditions Crockett 32

    Traditions 32 cailiber Crockett rifle, has laser engreaved squirrel (right side stock) and an acorn (left side stock). Clean bore. Shoots good groups with round ball and 20-25 grain FFFG. $400 including shipping from lower 48 states
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    Determining the barrel twist

    What is the procedure to determine the twist in an unmarked barrel ?
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    Found War of 1812 gravesite

    As a Son of Confederate Veteran camp member I was investigating a battle location for reported grave markers for fallen soild3rs of the event ( Carter's Raid). Instead I found a grave marker for a soldier from the 39th infantry from the War of 1812 covered in a briarpatch. Wonder if anyone knows...
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    CLOSED TC 32 cal Cherokee

    In search of a Thompson Center Cherokee, preferably in 32 caliber but would consider 45 caliber.