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  1. Winchester97

    SOLD Guns of The West cartridge maker

    Hi, have a set of cartridge makers and 5 packs of rolling papers for sale. Includes .44, .44 Walker, .36, and .31 pocket sizes. Works good, have used the .44 walker former only, just doesn't fit my shooting style. I have a good loading stand, and find I use that at the bench, and never need to...
  2. Winchester97

    Renegade .50 cal. 21" LRH "Long Range Hunter" carbine barrel

    I just purchased a short Green Mountain .50 barrel, only to discover that it's marked LRH upon recieving it. It measures 21" long. I would be interested in hearing if anybody else has seen or has a "Green Mountain long range hunter" fast twist barrel this short, as all the others I have seen...
  3. Winchester97

    WANTED Green Mountain .58 TC Renegade drop in barrel

    I just missed a .58 GM barrel offered here a bit ago. Hoping somebody may have one tucked away they would part with. I'm flexable on exterior finish, but it must have a clean bore with no pitting. If you should have such an animal, pm me with details. Thanks
  4. Winchester97

    CLOSED TC right hand percussion lock

    Hi, in need of a RH TC percussion lock for a Renegade or Hawken. Would like to have decent case color remaining. If you should happen to have one, pm me with condition and price. Thanks!.....Found what I needed,Thanks
  5. Winchester97

    Bobby Hoyt barrel freshening

    I recently got a Green Mountain 1" Renegade .50 LRH barrel cheap, as it has a pitted bore. I planned to have it re-bored by Hoyt to .54 or .58. Keeping it as is would definantly not suit my taste, as I'm no fan of a rough bore. However, I was wondering how much material would be taken off by...
  6. Winchester97

    WANTED TC Patriot .36 cal.

    Hi, just started looking for a .36 TC Patriot. I already have a .45, and would like to add a small bore to the collection. Bore must be free of pitting. Let me know by PM if you have one you would like to sell, as well as details/price Thanks!
  7. Winchester97

    Traditions Crocket kit's on GB

    Just noticed a seller has 2 crocket kits listed on GB for $389 +shipping and fees. I put one together a few months ago, and they seem scarce lately. Just a heads up if anybody is looking. I have no dealings with this seller, just passing it along.
  8. Winchester97

    CLOSED 1851 navy .36 sheriff

    Looking for an 1851 .36 Navy Sheriff, would also consider a longer barrel as well. Peitta or Uberti is fine, must have a clean bore. Let me know what you may have
  9. Winchester97

    WANTED Looking for a .319 to .330 lee mold

    Looking for a Lee mold for an 1849 .31 pocket that I have on the way. Let me know if you may have one for sale. Would also consider lyman as well.Thanks
  10. Winchester97

    CLOSED .457 roundball mold

    Hi, looking for a lee double cavity .457 roundball mold. PM me if you have one for sale with a price. Thanks
  11. Winchester97

    CLOSED WTB Uberti Walker

    Looking for a reasonably priced Uberti Walker. May consider other makers, but hoping for Uberti. PM me with price,condition,and pics if anybody should have one they would like to sell. Thanks in advance!
  12. Winchester97

    Sharpshooter cap maker

    With the current situation with percussion cap availability, would anyone who has used this capmaker/priming compound please chime in on reliability, quality, does the compund stay seated?, etc. Anything you could share would be valuable.
  13. Winchester97

    Deer tallow!

    3 years ago, I shot a very plump doe. After skinning and butchering I kept a bunch of fat from the rump,ribs,and around the kidneys,etc. I rendered it down and got 3 quarts of nice white tallow. I have used it for candles, maxi ball lube, patch lube, excellent hard, good lathering lye soap, wad...
  14. Winchester97

    Just one more Kibler

    I just completed my Kibler .36 SMR. It was absolutely fun from start to finish. The fitting of all parts was amazing, and overall quality A+ all around. Customer service was exceptional, I just can't say enough. I finished it with 2 coats TOW Aqua Fortis, and about 8 coats of Tru-oil, metal was...
  15. Winchester97

    Tower lock Rifle rebuild

    So, I took a chance and bid on a rifle with intentions of having it rebored by Bobby Hoyt to a larger caliber. It was described as being a newer build with a Tower lock. Upon arrival, It looks like its possibly a very old .45 1" oct. barrel with Tower lock, roughly set in to a 1960's stock. The...
  16. Winchester97

    Accurate molds .40 maxi ball mold

    Has anybody tried an Accurate Mold in the .40 maxiball? Looks like they have 3 different ones on their site. I was able to find a good deal of info on the special order lee REAL .40 molds from the past, but nothing on the Accurate .40 maxi.
  17. Winchester97

    TC New Englander 12ga. Kit

    I came across an unopened New Englander kit in 12 Ga. Having a hard time deciding what to do on it, as I have never seen another in kit form. Does anybody know if its as rare as it seems, or am I ok just finishing it out as I had intended when I bought it a bit ago? I have seen several of the TC...
  18. Winchester97

    Hi, from Jeromesville,Ohio

    Hi, just joined up after lurking for some time. A great resource with valuable information galore. I have been shooting percussion guns for years, but just fell victim to the flintlock. I had brushed them off for years due to completely unfounded beliefs....until now. Thanks to a like-new .54...