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  1. bobthemotorcycle


    Is it ok to put hard cast lead thru my colt clone?
  2. bobthemotorcycle

    Sheriffs model and things to come

    8 I just got me a new Taylor/Pietta 1851 Navy with 4-7/8 barrel in .44 cal. I like the checkered grips but I bet after prolong shooting your hands will get tender. I will be putting this 4 and 7/8 barrel on a 1860 birdshead frame like the picture above but that picture is on a 7.5 inch barrel...
  3. bobthemotorcycle

    Where to get parts at

    Let's say i want just parts, where do i get them. Where can I get just grip frames or a frame or just a barrel? Let's say I want a Pietta birdshead grip frame. Can I order one from Pietta? Let's say I want a London grip frame to replace a brass one. Where can I get one. Thanks, Bob
  4. bobthemotorcycle


    I want faster fps. Can I go 4F? I don't want to have to go to modern substitute. How about powder dust? How much can colt clones take before breaking?
  5. bobthemotorcycle

    1851 or 1860 barrel?

    I have a Pietta 1860 stubby (birds head grip) but am going to put a 5 inch barrel on this birdshead grip frame so I can have a loading leave and have a little better ballistics. I like the 1851 (in .44 cal) barrel but am kind of interested in opinions and likes. Who prefers an 1851 barrel...
  6. bobthemotorcycle

    Weird combination

    I use the loading lever on my 1851 in .44cal to load the cylinder on my 1860 snubby. The 51 barrel looks good on the birdshead grip. Any other cool combinations out there?
  7. bobthemotorcycle

    Stuck wedge

    The wedge on my 1860 was so tight I could not get it out, I had to use 3 hands to get it out. Now I have scratched up the finish. How can I fill in the scratches? It's a black blue, anybody sell a bottle or repair blue.
  8. bobthemotorcycle

    Sling for muzzleloader

    I seen a sling on a Renegade that I like and was wondering where to get one. It was made of leather and it was just a pocket for the rifle butt and a leather strap that wrapped around the barrel. Do they sell them somewhere or is that something I have to make myself?
  9. bobthemotorcycle

    WANTED .45 barrel for Senica

    I am looking for a new in box .45 cal barrel for a Senica. Has to be realistic in price as I am not looking for a bar of gold.........unless you have a really cheap bar of gold for sale. If somebody has a good condition well priced .32 cal barrel for a Senica please let me know but I'm really...
  10. bobthemotorcycle

    Legal powder amount

    I believe that federal law allows us only 50 pounds of black powder to be stored in our homes. Does that include substitutes? Can I have 50 pounds of bp and 30 pounds of substitutes? Can I have more than 50 pounds of different sizes and brands? Can i have 50 pounds of FFg swiss and 50 pounds...
  11. bobthemotorcycle

    How many Senica barrels?

    How many barrels are made for the Senica? I know of a .36 and .45. Is there also a .32 and a shotgun barrel? What is the shotgun barrel and how hard to find are they? Are they hard on the stock? Is .32 easy to find?
  12. bobthemotorcycle

    Whats a good side by side shotgun

    What's a good quality side x side shotgun? For birds, ducks, chickens and any other shotgun duties? New not antique? 10 or 13 gage? Flint or percussion?
  13. bobthemotorcycle

    History correct?

    What makes a knife history correct. At one time all blade shapes have been used so how can anybody say it's pre 1880s or pre1750. Are any of these designs pre 1840 design? How do you know?
  14. bobthemotorcycle


    Interested in a Ruger Old Army. I like my colt copy but my son wants an old army. I want 2 of them blued with 5.5 inch barrels and no wear. No conversion cylinder needed. May consider 7 inch stainless for hunting if it's in great shape and reasonable price.
  15. bobthemotorcycle

    Fowler or Rifle

    What's the best rabbit, squirrel, opossum gun? Something to take their heads off and not tear up meat. I have a bp revolver for back up shots and protection. I have a Senica in .36 cal that I will be putting a .45 barrel on for deer season. But what's a good bp small game gun, Fowler or...
  16. bobthemotorcycle

    Cleaning Senica

    The Senecia I'm playing with right now has not been cleaned in about 20 years. It's a clean rifle and no rust but the stock and hardware is kind of dull and needs polished up. What's the best way to clean up stock to give it a nice shine. Not a reflective shine but more of a deep shine.
  17. bobthemotorcycle

    Half cock

    Maybe my brain is tired but I always remember single action revolver cylinders are free wheeling at half cock which is second click out of 3 clicks. My 1860 is free wheeling on first click and really no click at all, you just have to pull hammer back a bit and feel the cylinder. What is wrong...
  18. bobthemotorcycle

    More nipple questions

    I want the best nipples for my snub nose 1860 pietta. I'm going to try and make the most reliable yet fastest rounds. I also want both #10 and # 11 caps so I can shoot according to availability. What are the best nipples in 10 and 11 for my 1860 snub nose Pietta? Where do I get them? Do I...
  19. bobthemotorcycle

    Which .36 cal?

    Was just at local Cabelas and they had 3 box of .36 cal balls. I grabbed 2 of them. Which .36 cal (.375) is this for? Cap and ball pistol or .36 cal muzzle loading rifle. What size of ball and patch should my mom's. 36 cal Senica take? If this is for pistol I have to get me a .36 cal pistol...
  20. bobthemotorcycle

    My new 1860 snub nose.

    These are way nicer in person than they are in pictures. Very very nice. You know how sometimes you want a gun really bad and once you pay for it and play with it your kind of disappointed, not this one. More thrilled now than my first thought of it. Getting ready to go shoot it. In a one...