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    Considering quitting!

    Shooting used to be fun. Now it's hard to find anything. Round balls sold out! Are you kidding me! Melting pots sold out! Really! Ball molds sold out! What's going on in the gun world is enough to make me want to throw up & just quit!
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    Things are beyond crazy!

    You know things are going crazy when Track of The Wolf is out of stock on normal items.
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    Flintlocks Rock!

    Pun intended. I just love them!
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    Waiting for the next adventure from Britsmoothy! I love your stories Britsmoothy & your little side kick.
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    caliber rating

    Are we still getting advanced caliber ratings that show under our screen name?
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    Steve Lodding; builder

    Anyone have any experience with this builder, especially his Hawken rifles? Pictures, if you have any.
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    Barrel length?

    What barrel lengths are you using and why?
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    Keeping ramrods supple?

    How do you keep your ramrods supple?
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    ? about rear sight.

    What do you prefer, U-shaped, square or V-notch?
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    Black powder?

    I read in other threads that the majority of shooters use 3F in .32 cal.. My question is, why 3f opposed to 2f?
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    Another flint coming soon.

    This past Wednesday got the word from TVM that the rifle I ordered is now in production. It's my second Early Lancaster from them. I have a 50 The one coming is a 32 cal. for small game.
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    Where can you buy a Capote?

    Where can you buy capote's? Also, does anyone have the Jim Bridger hat from crazy crow? Sharp looking hat.
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    Front sights?

    What do you prefer, a silver or brass blade?
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    32 cal. powder charge

    Why do most guys use 3F for the main charge & not 2F? Also, what is the average powder charge for a 32 for squirrels?
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    Do squirrels need access to a water source?

    Just wondering if they need much water.
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    Aim point for squirrels?

    For squirrels do you fellows aim center or do you use the 6 o'clock hold?
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    Squirrel hunting how to's

    First, I have a TVM Early Lancaster ordered in .32 cal. for small game, mostly for squirrels. Would like you experienced guys to post anything that I should know about the sport. Thank you!
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    Game Bag

    What do you squirrel hunters use to carry the harvested game in while hunting?
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    Flint dressing tool?

    Do any of you know where I can get a dressing tool? The kind that some guys make from a nail. I would like to get a brass one if one is available.
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    Lock Grease!

    When you get a new lock from Jim Chambers the inside moving parts are greased with a blue, in color, grease. Do any of you know what grease it is?