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  1. HughMan

    At What Range Have Most of Your Big Game Animals Been Shot At?

    The farthest shot with a traditional muzzleloader with open sights was 80 yards. A .62cal roundball from my underhammer through the front of the neck dropped the big nyala in its tracks. I took a large waterbuck a few days later at less than 15 yards; it ran about 30 yards before expiring. The...
  2. HughMan

    Mainspring vise

    I have the $16 dollar TOW vise and it's worked fine
  3. HughMan

    Alternate patchbox use

    It might help to patch up a rocky marriage but the girlfriend probably wouldn't like it!
  4. HughMan

    Gun Cabinet - comments?

    @JTSpirit If thieves can't see your gun safe, they don't know where it is or even if you have one. If you want to show your guns to make your guests jealous, I'd suggest building a reinforced room with a display window as you described but have a moveable bookcase or wall in front of it. It can...
  5. HughMan

    Mammoth ivory inlay...

    I'd suggest doing one inlay at a time because it's easy to lose focus if you're multi-tusking. Then again, you could find a better solution which would render all this advice irr-elephant.
  6. HughMan

    Wow. Nothing else to be said.

    Percussion caps at concussion pricing! A person would have to take a hard hit in the head to pay that ridiculous price.
  7. HughMan


    No Irish in me (that I know of) but will lift a Guinness with a Jameson this evening in support of my Irish friends 👍
  8. HughMan

    Cleaning some round balls

    It would cause Romans to die a painful death with bad caesars! In all seriousness, there's lots of helpful info in this discussion.
  9. HughMan

    What's your Moose Milk mixture

    The picture is a'moosing! 😂 But in all seriousness, the different cleaning recipes are very informative.
  10. HughMan

    New Englander..

    Congrats @vervillev It looks like a great utilitarian rifle that will serve you for many years 👍
  11. HughMan

    New guy saying hello

    Welcome from the Heartland!
  12. HughMan

    Why Dawn Dish detergent

    You can feel sure because it's pure...a clean as real as Ivory 👍
  13. HughMan


    Ya'll gon' hog wild! Fun video 👍
  14. HughMan

    What's the one muzzleloader you regret parting with most?

    I've never sold a black powder gun but I do regret buying one because it was/is way too nice and should be in a museum or owned by someone who appreciates it more than I do.
  15. HughMan

    Why Dawn Dish detergent

    I'm paws-itive that would be an a-mews-ing catastrophe
  16. HughMan

    Alternate patchbox use

    Great idea. A guy could put a little tintype of their wife in there if they're portraying someone after the early 1850's.
  17. HughMan

    Flintlock .58 for big Black Bears

    I've taken two nice sized black bears with .50cal conical bullets so a .58cal round ball should be no worries. Like pwbsmokey said, be familiar with bears anatomy and when practicing, visualize yourself in a hunting scenario. Have fun and good luck!
  18. HughMan

    Hawken Restock Question

    Sounds like paradise!
  19. HughMan

    Kansas Folks

    I'll resurrect this thread with my introduction. I'm a suburbanite in Johnson County getting back into muzzleloading after a 15 - 20 year hiatus. I hunted and shot an unmentionable but also a 20 bore underhammer and an Austin & Halleck .50cal percussion mountain rifle. I still have them and look...
  20. HughMan

    Crazy bidding on Gunbroker

    People have lost their minds!