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    WANTED. a nice New Tent.

    [ This might answer the question. New, quality, cheap. One word of those 3 must go.
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    SOLD Pedersoli 10ga with extras , Price reduction! To $700

    Pedersoli's waterfowl standard has that lock on it. I don't know if the gun is still for sale or not. I offered to buy it at his terms but haven't heard back.
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    Goex petition

    Yeah, really appreciated that you got a petition going. Makes it more visible. I also appreciated the podcast you made with a GOEX rep. I have my suspicions why Hodgdon is going this route but it makes some of their slogans kind of ring hollow. Seems like they may have not been the steward they...
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    CLOSED .45 percussion rifle for young shooter

    Found what I was looking for. Thanks all
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    Have you heard??

    I still am shocked and a little disturbed that GOEX shut down. I'm not surprised that there is a lot of chatter about it. I wish we could stop sniping each other long enough to produce an organization that could support a business that is such a fundamental part of our way of life.
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    CLOSED .45 percussion rifle for young shooter

    I'm looking for a .45 percussion rifle that would fit a young shooter. Condition not important as long as it is in safe condition. Please PM me with picture and price if you have one. I let him shoot one of my .45s and he is hooked. Gonna set him up with a starter kit.
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    I've always like Thomas Sowell's description of a redneck. That description includes poverty, violent boisterous behavior, touchy pride, disdain of education, loud proclamations of a religion that doesn't seem to reach into their personal lives, ect. Take what you will from it but he argues that...
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    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    I'm sorry to hear this. I don't post much but haven't missed a lot of posts since I found this forum years ago. Zonie was one of the good guys. Gonna miss his presence.
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    Muzzleloader hunting magazines

    Toby Bridges also has a web magazine. North American Muzzleloader Hunting
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    TC Renegade with Rice Fast 1:24 .50 Barrell

    I went with the Lyman 57 and Lyman 17 ABH front sight. The rear sight took a small amount of file work to fit properly.
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    TC Renegade with Rice Fast 1:24 .50 Barrell

    My local scrap dealer who sells steel and also will custom bend sheet metal for projects. Had them bend me some troughs for bluing tanks. I need to weld the ends on and weld up some stands for them before I can blue this barrel. So a question before bluing. Opposite the drum there is a hole...
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    TC Renegade with Rice Fast 1:24 .50 Barrell

    Went ahead and ordered the 50-600c. Will find out what its like. Gonna get a .502 sizing die for my star lubrisizer and see how it likes it.
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    TC Renegade with Rice Fast 1:24 .50 Barrell

    Anyone have any experience with Accurate Mold 50-600c?
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    TC Renegade with Rice Fast 1:24 .50 Barrell

    Just got off the phone with a gentleman with Buffalo Arms and they can't get mold blocks to make the bullet mold so now way of knowing how long till I can get the mold I want. Gonna have to find something available commercially to even get shooting.
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    TC Renegade with Rice Fast 1:24 .50 Barrell

    Yeah, I hear ya. I don't know that I plan on shooting at an elk that far until I know what I'm working with. Once I get the mold I want and get things dialed in, then I can make better decisions at what ranges I would be comfortable at.
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    Bison Hunting

    Do you might saying who the ranch was?
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    TC Renegade with Rice Fast 1:24 .50 Barrell

    I was really impressed how tight the barrel fit both in the channel and the tang. I'm seriously considering exchanging the lock for a L&R RPL lock. OEM lock and triggers leave a lot to be desired. I'm going to examine them in a little more depth this weekend. After I reinstalled them after...
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    TC Renegade with Rice Fast 1:24 .50 Barrell

    I've fell down a rabbit hole and it's going to be great. At the ALR forums, I stumbled across ALR member Curtis and his Rod England "Alexander Henry" kit build. Became very intrigued with the whole long range muzzleloader idea and fell in love with the aesthetics of that type of rifle. SO...