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  1. JCKelly

    Powder Horns, Lets See Them!

    Map horn I made for my Native Pennsylvania Father, Spring 1984 Allegheny & Monongahela rivers join at the point, to form the Ohio river. I was born here in Pittsburgh. Turtle is a symbol of the Pennsylvania Indians, to whom we are related, albeit only by a second marriage. British coat of...
  2. JCKelly

    New guy from Michigan...

    Welcome from S.E. Michigan. The best (toughest, strongest when one errs in loading) barrels are from Spain or Italy. Most of those from the US are made of screw stock for ease of machining, at a sacrifice of toughness. Flint locks are best from USA.
  3. JCKelly

    #32 drill bit

    In my experience Ace has lower quality products than I could even imagine being made today. Google the thing, try Home Depot or Lowes, maybe better one of the gun tool suppliers like Brownells. Don't put anything from Ace into your workshop. Does anyone wish to know how I really feel?
  4. JCKelly

    Lets see some flintlock pistols!

    Made this for Dad, in the last year of his life. Made the lock (not so well) from a kit of castings, started w a 9" octagon bbl "turned" it round, slightly tapered & swamped, with my file. Really don't care for machinery. To save $$, the silver inlays are two-piece, a thinner silver one soldered...
  5. JCKelly

    I give up!

    Whoever made your rifle obviously never even fired it to see if it worked. Suppose he never heard of proof testing? Might be nice to tell us who he was, so we can avoid such interesting problems. Ages ago when I built & sold a few rifles I at least fired them enough to approximately sight them...
  6. JCKelly


    Welcome from S.E. Michigan! Love the way your Pennsylvania woods look. My Irish & German ancestors came to PA long before our revolution. Family moved from Huntingdon Co, to Clearfield Co. mid-19th century. Grampa never shot an Unmentionable til he was 18. Still spoke with some anger when he...
  7. JCKelly

    Warm water and dish soap?

    When I moved to Mich about 1972 I spoke with a couple of people whose cars had just broken in half from rust. A lot of salt is used on Michigan roads. They don't believe that salt rusts steel, either.
  8. JCKelly

    Warm water and dish soap?

    Soap mfg since the 1960's all contains salt, (sodium chloride, table salt, the stuff Northerners love to spread on the roads). Salt rusts steel. Helps make that flash rust after cleaning with water. Plain, room temperature tap water is good. Windex and the various oils are probably just fine if...
  9. JCKelly

    Charles Moore shotgun

    It is a wall mounting brass peg. Nothing fancy about this gun, it just kills small game. Or did so, when it & I were both a half-century younger. I bought it from a family in Sussex Co., Delaware about 60-ish years ago.
  10. JCKelly

    When would a soldier "cap" their pistol?

    Only thing I've read was that in the 19th century accidents of all kinds were basically regarded as "Sxxx happens" The Allen & Thurber pistols, both 'pepperbox" and single shot, I understand to be some of the most commonly carried pocket arms in the USA. So you reckon anyone carried them loaded...
  11. JCKelly

    Flintlock made in India

    Wherever your musket has been made, check that the barrel is gun barrel quality steel, low in phosphorus and sulfur. Machined from bar, not made of tubing.
  12. JCKelly

    Old guy muzzleloader new to the forum.

    Welcome from S.E. Michigan. I suggest read books published mid-19th Century when they really did understand how to load & fire a muzzle-loader. Ignore the guys here who like to argue. Me, I have an Irish background, mixed Presbyterian and Catholic. I know Everything and I am always right.
  13. JCKelly

    Charles Moore shotgun

    Used this Moore shotgun on pheasants in PA some years back. They didn't seem to realize it was just an ol' muzzle-loader. Don't recall what load I used, some fine grained black, shot and wads as suggested by a 19th Century publication. Long before the Internet and 20th Century guys arguing that...
  14. JCKelly

    Rooster down at dawn.

    While we have Zero honeybees & other flying, pollinating insects, we do have a number of small deer herds eating everyone's flowers & other decorative plants. Also a few coyotes to eat small our small pets. Thanh you, Insurance Industry & State Police. Possums, the odd racoon & about One...
  15. JCKelly

    Rooster down at dawn.

    Some 50 years ago in York Co., PA, I used to slow down on my way to work to let Mrs. Pheasant cross the road with her kids. Near a public shooting preserve. Shot there in early morn on the way to work, until it was most clear to me my new wife didn't cook anything with #6 shot in it. Then moved...
  16. JCKelly

    Pedersoli Frontier Long rifle

    Markings on the barrel?????
  17. JCKelly

    Is my bore ruined?

    Metal does one interesting thing when heated, and that is, it expands. The colors indicate you got it far hotter than needed to melt lead. The hot side of the barrel expanded more than the other, so it bent a little from the non-uniform heating. In a smoothbore musket I doubt you will ever know...
  18. JCKelly

    Who will now make your BP?

    It is incredibly foolish to make your own gunpowder. I and others did so as teenagers. I am one who survived his teens.
  19. JCKelly

    Looking for first flintlock

    Caywood guns use perhaps the best sparking flint lock on any production gun. In My Not-So-Humble-Opinion.