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  1. flintlockrb

    Woods walk/muzzleloading in the southeast Region?

    Here is a link for Field Reps for the NMLRA. They might be able to assist you in finding a Woodswalk!
  2. flintlockrb

    Hate to do it, but here goes.

    Sam, Congrats on a stellar shooting career. You have a lot to hold your head high about. You may not be shooting any longer, so perhaps you assist others in the finer points in shooting. We all need to have someone to mentor us. From all the reads here it is appearant how much people care...
  3. flintlockrb

    NMLRA - Spring 2021 Forum Woodswalk

    Sounds like fun.... I wish I could join you but will be working at the archery range that day. Stop up and say hi if you are able. Who knows - I might be able to talk you into shooting a bow!!! See you soon Fleener!
  4. flintlockrb

    "Muskrat Mike" has joined this Forum

    Welcome Mike!!!!! See you soon!!!
  5. flintlockrb

    SOLD powder horn

    Beautiful horn!!!!
  6. flintlockrb

    SOLD Large belt knife

    Beautiful work!!!
  7. flintlockrb

    Powder Horn photos

    Robby....your work is absolutely gorgeous!!!
  8. flintlockrb

    SOLD Custom - 50 cal. Loading Block / Powder Measure Combo.

    Looking forward to getting the two I ordered!!!
  9. flintlockrb

    Woods walks

    Wow....well done!!!!
  10. flintlockrb

    Woods walks

    The scenario based WW sounds like so much fun! Where are these held that you were referring to?
  11. flintlockrb

    New guy from Indiana

    Welcome from Ohio!!!
  12. flintlockrb

    Inexpensive throwing hawk recommendations?

    I agree with you a I agree with you about Beaver Bill - he is a true craftsman & his prices are well worth the quality!!!1
  13. flintlockrb

    Black Powder TV

    First and foremost Brenton a welcome to the family!!! Waiting on that first rifle is indeed a hard wait but will so be worth it. When it comes please be sure to share pics! The National Muzzleloading Rifle Association has some good videos and podcasts as well. And if you haven't been there...
  14. flintlockrb

    It may be a long shot but...

    You could give Tip Curtis a call & he might be able to help you!
  15. flintlockrb

    SW Ohio Muzzleloader clubs?

    We are located on Lick Road off Kemper in Colerain Twp. The club is next door to the Walnut Creek Stables.
  16. flintlockrb

    SW Ohio Muzzleloader clubs?

    Awesome! We would love to have you!