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  1. pilot

    New Shotgun

    It is marked W.Richards on the locks. I'm still trying to figure out what I have exactly.
  2. pilot

    CLOSED .310 mold

    I need a .310 ball mold. I'm not particular as to brand. I have handles, so if you have an old set of blocks, that would work.
  3. pilot

    It has come to my attention

    That I failed to post an intro thread. Okay, I'm fixing that. I live in Missouri on the west side of the state. Yeah, there, with the football team. I got my start in black powder in 1970 with the acquisition of a poor boy smoothbore percussion in 45 caliber. I foolishly traded it off for...
  4. pilot

    Another new guy

    Hello. I'm John. I'm from Missouri. I've been involved with muzzle loaders for the last 50 years off and on. Well, now it is on again. Shooting anther deer last week with my TC Penn Hunter has me wanting to burn more black powder again. I've also been involved in bullet casting for almost...