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    I’m trying to stitch through Buffalo hide and it’s breaking every needle I have, even ones made for leather.

    I put a needle in a hand electric drill to make the holes.
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    Unreliable ignition Traditions Hawken Percussion

    The fastest way to determine if fouling is plugging the channel is to, before reloading and after swabbing- snap a cap with the muzzle pointed at sand or a blade of grass to see if the blast from the cap moves sand/grass- then load. If the problem stops- you are somehow plugging the channel.
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    Blown nipple.

    That doesn't look good, might need to tap and thread in a sleeve with the sleeve properly threaded for the nipple. Wait for more suggestions.
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    Use of the hunting sword

    I'm just working from memory but to the best that I can recall, the only reference I've read on hunting swords were from Mexican/Spanish settlers in the Southwest. Today they are used in France to hunt deer. The hunt is on horseback- like English Fox Hunting on horseback, and the hunt master...
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    how many traps?

    Be careful of friction novels. I've read about every diary written by those that were there. I must be a slow trapper but these guys were going cold into new areas so first you need to ride along the creek and find a likely looking area that beaver use, then cut a drowning pole, then make the...
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    how many traps?

    Yes, there are records, I never heard of a "company" trapper having anything else but 6. A free trapper- whatever he wanted.
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    Horace Porter

    Currently reading Horace Porter's "Campaigning with Grant". Porter was an aide-de-camp to Grant. It is a pretty good read and gives accounts from the Yankee Perspective. There seems to be a feeling these days that after Grant took over in the East and the Wilderness, and Spotsylvania that the...
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    how many traps?

    Besides the Russell book I have read in several other sources each man had 6 traps. These would be similar to a current Bridger #5 double long spring. These are fairly large traps, weigh a fair amount and take up a good amount of space. The company of trappers would find a base camp and then...
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    #32 drill bit

    If you are talking about wire drills listed by gauge- the only local place I know of is ACE
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    What Would A Mountain Man Think About "Mountain Men"?

    I'd have to count them up but there is probably about 20 diaries written by mountain men. Most seemed to go to the mountains for the pure adventure of it. BUT, those were the ones that wrote the books so it might be wrong to assume all the mountain men were of that type. Most of them belonged...
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    Loading single shot pistols

    Most ranges I've been at the shooters have those stands, it is also common for them to have depressions in the base of the stand to hold the balls- to keep track of the shots fired.
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    I give up!

    I am not sure what your problem is exactly but for a quick check. 1. If the lock and trigger work okay OUT OF THE RIFLE. 2. Remove the set trigger and put some paper shims in the bottom of the mortise to move the set trigger farther away from the lock and try that. It is very common for a set...
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    Florida cannon

    Any groups in Florida doing Civil War cannon?
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    Steel Hawk Bit

    I picked up an all brass pipe hawk a few years ago and I've thought about replacing the edge with a steel insert. My worry is how to do it. I've seen a large dovetail approach and it seems that would hold the bit more securely. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    lock making

    No- just a generic question.
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    Pyrodex “P” High Pressure Cylinder Over Rotation…..

    I may be wrong but on a cartridge versus a cap and ball. The passage from the nipple to the chamber remains open so gas, etc. can push back. On the brass case, it expands against the walls of the chamber temporarily and then shrinks back but while the bullet is on it's way there is a gas tight...
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    lock making

    Thanks- there are some originals in which the only way to get an exact copy is to make your own lock plate- the other issue is the Cock or hammer- trying to figure that out.
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    lock making

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    lock making

    Just wondering- if you want to make an exact copy of a particular firearm you might have to make your own lock, or use internal parts and just make a lock plate, etc. Anyone make locks?