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  1. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Question on mould

    Hi, I'm looking to order a mould for the 20G smoothie for round ball. From what I've read here a .600 ball with a .010 patch being slightly under bore of a .620 bore would be a good place to start. I can't get anything out of the states at the moment with the usps suspension of shipping here...
  2. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    20G fowler - loads and tips?

    Apologies I'm sure it's been covered but I find the search function hard to find things at times so I thought I'd start a thread that was very black and white in the hopes that others searching will find it easier. What are some loads and processes for best accuracy/grouping with a fowler...
  3. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Value for money powder horn and shooting pouch

    Any suggestions for these? As I look to transition into flintlocks I see the need for more space. The value part comes from the fact that with currency exchange and shipping you can add 50% on to the cost. Something practical I.e. waterproof and that isn't going to readily spill things when I...
  4. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Adding a rear sight to smoothbore

    I'm still on the search for a flinter, I have possibly got a shot at a second hand pedersoli Indian trade musket. To be deer legal in my state I need to have a front and and rear sight, and single projectile only. Just wondering if anyone has and if so how to go about putting a rear sight on...
  5. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Looking for first flintlock

    First of all, for any that aren't aware I don't live in America so this is not a wanted thread. I've wanted a flinter since I was a kid and joining this forum has done nothing but made that want worsen (thanks for that). I don't want to spend "new" money on a gun and have found a few options...
  6. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Pedersoli Mortimer 12G

    G'day all, Just a quick one, firstly what are people's thoughts on the pedersoli mortimer shotgun and secondly, do you think it could be used as a fowler with .72 round balls for large game?
  7. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Failure to fire rate

    gday gentleman, i tried finding this through a search with no luck though I’m sure it’s been discussed. im keen to get into flintlocks, truth be told back in 2013 when I bought my first BP gun (an inline) I lamented the fact that I went that way and not a flinter. But I was nervous about the...
  8. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Is this normal?

    I just bought a new sidelock which turned up today and immediately noticed something unusual (for me at least). I took it to half cock and tried to put the hammer back down on to the nipple and it would not budge (pulling the trigger while gently lowering the hammer that is). The only way I can...
  9. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Muzzleloader hunting magazines

    Do any exist? If so what are the pick of them?
  10. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Flintlock kits

    A comment on another thread of mine got me thinking more specifically about kit gun options. I know this forum is very Kibler orientated, but what are some other good quality kit options excluding kibler? Main thing is a gun with a good flint lock, overral good quality and decent stock options.
  11. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Possibles bag and caps when hunting

    I've been tossing up on the idea of a possibles bag but they just dont seem practical. To give you a scenario, last weekend I was stalking in on some red stags. They were 50 yards into the neighbouring property I don't have access to so I was trying to close the gap and get to a track that...
  12. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Pedersoli Rocky Mountain Conversion

    Just wondering whether people knew if there was a conversion kit or a way to convert my sidelock into a flintlock? I looked at the kiblers but I can't see it costing less than $3-4k getting it to my part of the world. I figure if i can get a flint srtup for my Rocky Mountain it may keep me...
  13. GoodRabbitPilgrim


    I'm relatively new to percussion and am really struggling with rust prevention. My cleaning regime is pretty much few wet patches in a bucket of luck warm water, then bronze brush with soap, then dry patch. Then I do wet patch again and dry patch. I then oil it with browning legia oil...
  14. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    What model is this?

    Saw it online for $500 unfired. All it says is 45 cal CVA branded. Any notions of what model?
  15. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Are these patches any good?

    I got a pack of these premium lube patches from eastern maine supplies. Not sure what i was expecting but they're a bit more lubed than I expected. Anyone had good or bad experiences with them? I do have 0.015 non lubed patches or these 0.018 lubed ones. I've read that people with my rifle...
  16. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Storage and shooting

    Just wanted to get an understanding from the folks here on how they manage their percussion rifles. I don't want my barrel and breech to rust but I also don't want misfires due to excessive oil trapped in there. What is your method for storing and then preparing to shoot?
  17. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Mountain man era books

    Hi, Any suggestions for mountain man era hunting books? Something based off first hand accounts of hunting and lifestyle would be great. Thanks.
  18. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Favourite muzzleloader kill

    I enjoy reading stories and looking at photos of others success. Normally I scroll through pages of threads looking and reading but had the idea I could narrow that down by having one thread where people could put their favourite muzzleloader kill up to share. Favourite might be your biggest...
  19. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Suggested loads for Pedersoli RM .54

    I've just bought a Rocky Mountain in .54 and have some Speer .535 balls coming with it. I was planning on using 0.015" patches lubed in peanut/olive oil as I spoke to one guy that had success with that. Any 2F powder load suggestions? Should I be using a thicker patch? Any advice is appreciated.
  20. GoodRabbitPilgrim

    Civil War video

    I follow a few amateur and professional historians on YouTube for bits of history. Generally I use it to find out bits to research further by giving me book topics to find. These guys are good and are just starting a series on the civil war. I'm sure there will be people who disagree with some...