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    Eurasain collared doves

    They showed up here in Colorado Springs last year, and now seem to be everywhere here. We even have a late season (Dec 1-thru end of Feb) as they are year-round residents. A friend in Flagstaff Az. says they are there now too. Anyone else see them? and where?
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    patch box

    Can a patch box be installed into a finished stock without damaging the finsh? If so please give details. Thanks-Flint50
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    Lyman .54

    It shoots a little low and to he right at 50 yds. I know to shave the front sight to bring it up, but how do I get her to shoot more to the left? Right now its about 2 inches to the right consistently.
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    Pistol Kit

    I want to buy and assemble a flintlock pistol form a kit. Any suggestions on what brand of kit will produce a decent pistol?
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    PC rifle post

    Just wanted to opologize to the forum members. I never wanted to start a controversy-I was just asking a question. I really enjoy this forum and ALL its members-Glad you are here Flint50
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    PC Rifles

    Now that we hate inlines (I dont own one)and most here favor rock-locks over percussion rifles(I have a few), we come to whats PC. C'mon guys, you all shoot "custom rifles" . How PC is that? Dont think our forefathers in the intrest of food or protection compared stocks and ventliners. What I...
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    pipe tobacco

    Just carved me a corncob pipe, not being a pipe smoker, what would you gents put in this rascal? Thanks Flint50
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    Burning a candle

    What would a person of the 1700's use to burn a candle in?
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    corn cob pipe

    was the corn cob pipe an actual part of the possible bag, or is it just hollywood? If it is a part of the possible bag, how is one made?
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    Tree Cannon

    I was flippin thru channels the other day, and came upon an episode of "Myth Busters" They had a log about 6 feet long, 15 or so inches thick. It had metal bands around the "barrel" every foot or so. The bore was tennis ball size, and thats what they were shooting out of it. The charge was 6...
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    Bunny hunting

    Had the day off, and with the small game season coming to a close, decided to take the .54 up to the mountains for some rabbits. I went to the mountains outside of Tarryall Creek. It was a beautiful Colorado day, lots of sun and a little nip in the air. I missed the first bunny, out about 40...
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    Mountain Man and Natiive American Wives

    I have read a lot of references of Mountain Men who married "Indians" Did these men stay in the west or return to the States with their brides?
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    wish me luck

    My son and I were drawn for Colorado's regular deer season. I plan on hunting with my .54 for the first 3 days or so....after that the new fangled 30.06 will try to bring home the meat. After all-trying to fill the freezer. I would love to blast one with the .54. We will be taking off friday the...
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    rust in barrel

    I picked up another CVA 12 ga sxs at a yard sale for $75.00. I already have one my Dad got for me, but thot it would be worth the $ just for parts. The stock is perfect,the locks are good. I took it home and cleaned it, and got about one teaspoon of rust powder out of the right barrel. Left...
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    Dove Season

    Just finished polishing up the ol' 12ga SXS, dove season starts here Sept 1st (grouse too). Anyone else hunt doves with a smoothbore? Any fovorite dove recipies?
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    Post deleted by Claude

    Great site-thanks. Gives me an idea for my next horn too......
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    Free Trapper

    What sort of shelter would a free trapper use? It would have to be mobile to follow streams and traplines during trapping season, no?
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    Overnight shelter

    I have heard of cutting down a pine, chopping out the branches on the ground side to make a shelter. What else would make a good overnight shelter using what is at hand?
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    The Empty Chair

    This year at deer camp there will be an empty chair. The chair will be left empty on purpose. The original occupant of the chair was my Dad. He died of cancer last year, right at deer season. Gone is a soul of unrelenting optomism. Gone is a soul of adventure regardless of circumstance.Gone is...
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    Outside of the obvious (powder & ball, flint & steel, bullet mold, knife) What else would a mountain man carry in the way of food and supplies? Thanks-Flint50