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  1. Kansas Kid

    I. Hollis 24ga single

    Got this little shotgun a couple weeks ago. It’s an I Hollis 24ga single weighing in at just under 5 pounds. Old straight through nipple had not been out since Moby Dick was a minnow. Soaked breech area in evapo rust then liquid wrench for a day or so. Some needle nose vice grips were used to...
  2. Kansas Kid

    T/C Patriot grip?

    I have two Patriots and they are good shooting pistols but the grip is made for looking at and not really conducive to shooting good groups. Almost thinking of putting a Houge grip sleeve on but there’s many different ones and it would be a shot in the dark picking one that may somewhat fit. So...
  3. Kansas Kid

    GM .40 Patriot Barrel rebuild

    Been wanting a .40 cal patriot barrel for some time and found a used one that was like 12” long and had a little pyrodex pitting in the first inch or so of the muzzle area. I wasn’t crazy about the long barrel anyway so I cut it to stock Patriot length and turned the little round section at...
  4. Kansas Kid

    TOTW House brand .36 BBL

    I just ordered a .36 cal straight octagon 13/16 Track Of The Wolf barrel for a rebarrel job. Any one know who makes them and are they any good. I would guess Colerain.
  5. Kansas Kid

    WANTED Quality capote X large 46-48 inch chest

    Capote or maybe heavy wool frock .
  6. Kansas Kid

    WANTED 13/16 T/C percussion breech plug

    Would like to buy a breech plug to build an extra barrel for my T/C patriot pistol. I would assume the Cherokee and Seneca are the same plug. I’ll take a plug to complete barrel assembly. I don’t see any new repops available, but if you do let me know thanks.
  7. Kansas Kid

    .50 cal smooth rifle ball dia?

    Planning to build a Virginia style .50 Smooth Rifle this winter. What diameter of patched round ball are people using?
  8. Kansas Kid

    Who’s coned their smooth bore?

    Probably never going to do any of my rifles but been thinking of doing a .62 Smooth bore. Who’s done it and what are your thoughts?
  9. Kansas Kid

    L/H Tennessee 32 Flint rifle build

    Here goes another Pecatonica River parts set. 3/4” ACF x 42” long barrel that’s supposed to be a Colerain. It has six square bottom grooves .012 deep with no markings. L&R Manton style lock and Davis DST’s and steel furniture. Inletting the barrel four inches at a time.
  10. Kansas Kid

    Pecatonica River Tenn Mountain Rifle

    I think this will be my next parts set / build. A L/H .32cal L&R Manton flint with a 3/4” colerain barrel. Anyone have pictures of this particular rifle or thoughts.
  11. Kansas Kid

    Crockett Pistol mods

    I have had this pistol for quite awhile and never fired it mainly because of the hump on the back of the grip and the overly heavy barrel. So some stock reshaping and fluting the barrel seems to make it a little more agreeable.
  12. Kansas Kid

    Getting rid of the breech plug notch today.

    Got around to doing my .50 cal IH flint rifle. Pulled barrel removed white lightning liner and plug. Counter bored plug face to .510 and reinstalled it with a new liner.
  13. Kansas Kid

    Nose cap problem

    I gonna assume this nose cap is pretty much unusable with the gaps on the sides? Gap is same on both sides and seems to be slightly cocked.
  14. Kansas Kid

    Past one scary part. LH Pecatonica precarve

    Barrel bottomed in stock and bare lock plate inlet. The pre inlets were really close so not any room to move parts. Looks good so far. Need to set barrel back now, which is why I went with a straight barrel. This is going to be a L/H late Lancaster 40cal percussion rifle with 13/16 GM barrel.
  15. Kansas Kid

    SOLD L/H Dixie 50cal Tenn Perc Mountain Rifle

    Dixie Gun Works Left hand Tennessee .50 caliber percussion rifle. 41.5 long barrel, 1-56 twist 15/16 ACF, 13.8" LOP to front trigger and 13" LOP to rear trigger. Bore is good and slick with no bulges or rough spots. Front trigger pull is heavy and rear set works good and lite. Cherry wood stock...
  16. Kansas Kid

    Long strap peep sight

    just like this one that is no longer available.
  17. Kansas Kid

    difference between these two parts sets

    What do you suppose the difference between these parts sets are? The TOTW stock is much more expensive and seems to be the major price difference. Thinking about one or the other for a winter project. L/H 13/16 40cal.Percussion lock...
  18. Kansas Kid

    Corduroy pants?

    Would it be out of place to use brown corduroy for a pair of pants styled for the RMFT era?
  19. Kansas Kid

    Heavy wool remnant

    I want to cover a canteen and am looking for a piece of heavy wool 7”x18” minimum size. In a non flashy color. Black, Gray, Brown or Tan. I hate to cut a good blanket up for such a small piece. It’s one of those kidney shaped stainless steel ones. Thanks
  20. Kansas Kid

    Flat face breech brushes

    Made these guys today. 40 cal, 45 cal, 50 cal and a 62 cal.