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  1. BigAl52

    WANTED Breech Plug

    I'm looking for a Dru Hedgecock percussion breech plug. Needs to be a 3/4 x 16 thread and for a 1 inch barrel! I only need the plug itself but if it comes with the tang, so be it. Only picture I can find is on the Hawken shop's site and it's too small to show details. Thanks
  2. BigAl52

    SOLD TC Locks, sights and Great plains bullets For Sale

    I have this grab bag of TC stuff for sale. I would like to sell it all and not break it up. There is quite a bit here as you can see in the photo. Make me a reasonable offer and its plus shipping
  3. BigAl52

    Lyman Plains Pistol 54cal

    I have a 54cal Plains Pistol. Just wondering if anyone else who has one if their's also shoots low. I use a 6 o'clock hold have tried numerous patch and ball combinations. .535 and .530 balls and various patches. Powder charge is 30gr of 3f Swiss. I have not tried more powder but maybe I need to.
  4. BigAl52

    SOLD Thompson Center Hawken 50 cal from the custom shop

    I have a TC Hawken in brand new in the box form the TC custom shop also known as Fox Ridge outfitters. This gun has never been fired or even put together to my knowledge. I have not even removed it from the box. It has the QLA muzzle on it and the barrel is a 1 in 66 round ball barrel. The...
  5. BigAl52

    SOLD TC Patriot 45 cal

    I have an unfired 45 cal TC Patriot for sale. I also have the box. But there is no paperwork or owners manual in the box. I am asking 400.00 plus shipping. I will take a check or MO. I will hold the gun until the check clears.
  6. BigAl52

    SOLD Lead balls and Wads

    Since I sold all of my revolvers I dont need the following items. Im going to sell all of this shipped in a med flat rate box. 2 boxes of Hornady 457 balls, 4 boxes of Hornady 454 balls and 4 bags 100 wads in each bag of prelubed 44 or 45 caliber wads. 84.00 shipped to your door.
  7. BigAl52

    SOLD Stainless Ruger Old Army

    I have a Ruger Stainless Old Army. I bought this gun and never fired it. Its just been sitting in the safe. That being said Im not the original owner. I do not know if it has been fired but if it has been it hasnt been fired much. I have the box and nipple wrench. But there isnt an owners manual...
  8. BigAl52

    SOLD Uberti 1860 Colt Army

    Uberti 1860 Army. This gun is unfired and includes the box and slix shot nipples. I also have the original nipples. Asking 325.00 Shipped.
  9. BigAl52

    Pedersoli Pennsylvannia Flintlock

    I have done a couple of different searchs and havent fouund much. Anyone have one if so how do you like it. I know the blue ridge is very popular just like the Penn better. Al
  10. BigAl52

    Renegade to 58 caliber

    Just curious if any of you Renegade lovers has taken the standard 26 inch Renegade barrel and had Bobby Hoyt punch it out to a 58. I was wondering about the performance with a shorter barrel. Al
  11. BigAl52

    Spin Jags

    Anyone have anything good bad to say about the spin jags. There pricey for sure just wondered if anybody has used them? Thanks Al
  12. BigAl52

    Lyman Trade rifle

    I tried a search and couldn't find any info. Maybe this has been asked before if it has please forgive the repetitive question. Has anyone bought one lately and if so whats the trigger pull like on the trade rifle? Looking at a 54 for hunting. Going back and forth between the trade rifle and the...
  13. BigAl52

    Taken Again

    I recently bought a 54 cal TC Hawken. Guy claimed good shape even in the bore. I get the gun and the bore is pitted and rusted at the muzzle. So I decide to buy another barrel. Found some on anti gun Ebay. Guy shows the barrel with bore light and says good shape. I bid on the barrel and won the...
  14. BigAl52

    GPR and Trade rifle

    Anyone know if the locks for these two are the same in the flintlock models? Thanks Al
  15. BigAl52

    Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle

    What are your thoughts on these and does anyone own one if so how do you like it. I know there not made anymore. Sure do like the looks if them. Thanks Al
  16. BigAl52

    Pedersoli Mortimer Flintlock

    There is one for sale online. Rifle looks really nice. Anyone have one or any comments about this gun. Thanks Al
  17. BigAl52

    Great Plains Rifle Lock

    Anyone here replace there lock on the GPR with the L&R thats available from TOW. If so had you ever done anything like that before and are the directions that come with the lock so that its not that hard to do. Im talking so easy even a caveman can do it :grin: . Thanks Al
  18. BigAl52

    Flinter lock opinions wanted Anyone have a guess on builder or value? Green Mountain barrel with L&R lock. 54 cal don't know twist. Al
  19. BigAl52

    Cabelas Blue Ridge vs GPR Flintlock

    Does anyone here own both of these rifles or have any thoughts on either. I'm looking at both of these and just wanted some opinions on either. I know Pedersoli makes a nice rifle but wondering about function of both of these. Thanks Al
  20. BigAl52

    Renegade Flintlock

    I've come across a TC Renegade flintlock. It's a 50 cal and I think it's a later model as it has a 6 digit serial number. Any of you flintlock shooters have any thoughts on one of these. I had a Hawken in 50 cal at one time but sold it. Wish I would of hung on to it now. Thx Al