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  1. Rick lopian

    FOR SALE WTS hand forged fire starters

    Everything you see here. $115 shipped Priority mail.
  2. Rick lopian

    WANTED Mortar

    PM me if interested.
  3. Rick lopian

    WANTED Mortar

    Custom built beer can mortar. Fun shooter at 250 yards.
  4. Rick lopian

    WANTED Cannon

    How about this?
  5. Rick lopian

    FOR SALE NICE .45 Kentucky Style Pistol

    Not a Jukar. Too nice .
  6. Rick lopian

    CLOSED Small priming horn

    Thanks. We can close this.
  7. Rick lopian

    CLOSED Small priming horn

    Nothing too fancy but well made. Thanks rick
  8. Rick lopian

    WANTED Underhammer

    I'm interested. Pixs, conditions, $ Send me a Private Message. Thanks Rick EDIT: Once again, I removed some personal information from a post. Folks, please do not include things like e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home addresses etc in your posts on the forum. There are a few bad guys...
  9. Rick lopian

    WANTED Underhammer

    Still lookin
  10. Rick lopian

    WANTED Remington .31 Pocket pistol

    Brass or steel frame. Excellent or better condition. Please PM me. Thanks Rick
  11. Rick lopian

    WANTED Underhammer

    Looking for fellow shooter. Open to any caliber. Must have nice bore. He may be interested in parts also. Let me know what you got. Thanks Rick
  12. Rick lopian

    SOLD Philadelphia Derringer

    You bet it's yours. I'll PM you my PAY PAL info