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    Wood carver mallets

    Where can the round wooden mallets used for wood work be purchased economically?
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    Shelf life of Aqua Fortis and Tru-Brown

    Can anyone advise of the shelf life of Wahkon Bay Aqua Fortis and Tru-Brown Browning agents. I have a bottle of each I bought in the late 70's and never used. Plan on using on a CVA flint pistol I bought around the same time, but never completed. Don't want to use on the wood and barrel only to...
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    Jewelers saw blades---Wondering.

    Getting a Kibler SMR sometime soon, 36 caliber (on order) and about the only tool I will be in need of is a Jewelers saw. Could get by with one I know, have so for the last 52 years of gun tinkerin'-a standard and mini hacksaw and coping saw have always been used, but a Jewelers saw always been...
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    .36 Caliber Kibler Ball Diameter

    Tried a search of the forum, mostly what I found was ball diameter for 36 caliber percussion revolver. Wondering that those of you that have a Kibler 36 caliber, what ball size works best in those barrels. Mostly what I've read here and there is a .350" ball plus patch, but several postings I've...
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    Jim Chambers Rifle Kits

    Since posting a post back on 04/21 in regards to Track of theWolf kits, I've been reading alot on this forum about flint rifle history and various kits available pros/cons, also reading on the web about alot of the history behind flintlock rifles and flint kits. In reading the home page info on...
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    Track of the Wolf Kits

    Hello forum-1stpost, have been reading forum for some time, joined last Nov, but just getting around to posting. Enjoy the forum, alot of good info to be found. Have been shooting cap and ball since early 70's, bought, still have TC 45 cal Hawkin, and reload and shoot black in some Colt copy...