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  1. Whitworth

    Reamer Made to Correct a Cannon Bore

    Genius is it's own reward. Well done Sir.
  2. Whitworth

    Food For Thought, Could Not Help Myself

    I save them all the time, anything that eats other bugs is my friend.
  3. Whitworth

    Knives found in father-in-law's cabin

    Beautiful setting. I'm sure he enjoyed his time there. Hope all the happy memories help with your loss.
  4. Whitworth

    Use of the hunting sword

    I have seen something identified as a Jaeger's (hunter's) dagger. It was longer than a usual sheath knife but shorter than Saber. A Roman Gladius would seem about right for hog hunting with stabbing, slashing and chopping potential. YIMV (Your Injuries May Vary)
  5. Whitworth

    Looking for a range rod

    Uncle Sam Surplus 50BMG cleaning rod. Aluminum T handle, blued steel 10 inch sections, 49 inch reach and with female threads for your 8/32 jag or ball puller. What's not to like? Lots of them on EBAY.
  6. Whitworth

    Hello From WV

    Welcome aboard from Maryland. Where you at in the Mountain State? I'm just across the river from Harpers Ferry and have family ties to Hampshire, Hardy and Jefferson counties. Lots of good red blooded Americans in West By God :thumb: .
  7. Whitworth

    Remington #11 new production arrived ..maybe ...

    FWIW I have seen Remington .22s comeback on the market after a long absence.
  8. Whitworth

    Good Traders

    I think these are my only transactions and all went well. Sham66 Justin44 TerryK JamesT
  9. Whitworth

    Authentic Dental Procedure ???

    You have my sincere sympathies' Sheriff, I gave up popcorn, hard candy and nuts due to the threat to my teeth. I've broken teeth on stuff like hot pepper flakes, potato chips and hard grains of rice. I've probably put at least one of my dentist's kids thru school😅 BTW my dentist has a whole...
  10. Whitworth

    Moving On

    How's that work on helicopters ;)
  11. Whitworth

    Anyone ID this pistol?

    Guess some now poorer SOB didn't do his home work :(
  12. Whitworth

    Bobby Hoyt

    With a 2 inch stretch, a reline and bayonet lug added to my Harpers ferry M1842 barrel was $200 a few months ago. I dropped it off and picked it up so no shipping charges. YMMV
  13. Whitworth

    Unknown mess of a bullet

    I've dug bullets that hit base first and ones that were tossed into a fire and partially melted, both resulting in a slumped look. It's a Minie no doubt.
  14. Whitworth

    Would a cal 44 remington 1858 do the job?

    I just had this view the other night but the bear was still alive. Big old boar on my deck, come over to the sliding glass door and looked in, I leaned over and shined the light up the bear's nose! Watched the same one pull over my recyclable bin last night. They usually take off at noise and...
  15. Whitworth

    Reamer Made to Correct a Cannon Bore

    Dang, that was quite the teenage undertaking. Well done. When I was 17 I was only interested in my girlfriend's parts and trying to get a 396 Chevrolet to run the 1/4 mile quicker 😅.
  16. Whitworth

    Go a head Make my day....

    That's a nice looking cane😅
  17. Whitworth

    The Dry Ball isn't a new invention.

    Military loading with a prepared paper cartridge would have greatly reduced dry balling. I'm sure the first muzzleloader was dry balled shortly after it's invention.
  18. Whitworth

    When would a soldier "cap" their pistol?

    In cowboy days 5 rounds were chambered in a SAA for a simple reason. Accidental discharge caused by a blow to the hammer with it's fixed firing pin. Ever think of a stirrup accidentally falling down after being tossed up to chinch the saddle. Stirrup falls down, smacks the hammer on a loaded...
  19. Whitworth

    When would a soldier "cap" their pistol?

    Capped upon loading to seal the chamber from moisture.
  20. Whitworth

    Don't worry, be happy

    Relax guys, soon a Mexican Black Powder cartel will form and convert their Coke and Meth labs to produce and smuggle in "Mexican Black". All Marijuana and Coca cultivation will cease and vast forests of Willow trees will be planted in their place to help supply the US's dirty habit. YLMV