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  1. Kozmo

    Mailed out Stickers

    Got mine on the first batch. Looks great!!
  2. Kozmo

    Any linguists out there?

    Do we have a date range for this flintlock that the OP posted? What is interesting about Russian made arms is that they would be Tula or Ishevsk marked by the 1700s forward. Bucky's input is something I hadn't considered. The Russians didn't conquer central Asia until the later 1800s so I...
  3. Kozmo

    Any linguists out there?

    I've studied Russian and Greek, and also have a little familiarization with old church slavonic, which is an early version of what is Bulgarian today, iirc. The two 'p' symbols are somewhat like slavonic characters that would be an R sound. As someone else noted, it looks like an abbreviation...
  4. Kozmo

    SOLD FS Colt Whitneyville Dragoon 3rd Gen

    Beautiful dragoon and well made copy. I have one and it's a lot of fun to shoot. At 600, this is a great buy! If you're on the fence about this one, jump off and don't look back.
  5. Kozmo

    Albanian Musket

    Extraordinary firearm! Thank you for sharing. With the historically turbulent history of the Balkans region, it's little surprise that few of these weapons survived till today. This one is an exceptional example! On a side note, I had an Albanian girlfriend in the early 2000s. She was every...
  6. Kozmo

    New movie soon: "The Powder Horn"

    Hmm, reading the web page for this I can't help but nitpick just a little. I was curious about the time frame for this mini film. The title "powder horn" made me think it is in fact a reference to the mid 1800's, likely prior to the civil war. The rifle and clothing of the actor in the pic above...
  7. Kozmo

    Collecting C&B revolvers

    Trying to post from phone was a mess. Cleaned up now. Yes, I shoot everything. If i'm unwilling to shoot it, I won't own it. I think that was my 1943 enfield in the one picture I accidentally included.
  8. Kozmo

    Collecting C&B revolvers

    Grant commemorative, 1971 C series Colt 1851 Navy. 1847 H. Aston, US model 1842. Above is a Whitneyville Dragoon replica Remarkable condition for its age. Shoots well too! 3rd model Dragoon Whitneyville, Texas Ranger commemorative. Not a big fan of commemoratives but this one is just...
  9. Kozmo

    .36 Cal Colt Navy - Was this actually made by Colt?

    If this was intended to represent a London made Colt, Why didn't they include the London address on the barrel flat?
  10. Kozmo

    Hello from North Britain.

    Welcome. Great to see a new member from Scotland! My brother in law was from London. He didn't trust anyone from north of Watford Gap and used to "warn" me of the dangers that lurked in northern cities like Manchester and Glasgow! Me, I enjoyed living in the north of Britain and particularly...
  11. Kozmo

    Hello from Nottingham in the UK.

    Welcome from Texas, by way of Headingley, West York's.
  12. Kozmo

    Inherited Cool Rifle But Have No Clue...

    Beautiful rifle. I can't tell you much about it, but several of the learned gents will likely be along with answers.
  13. Kozmo

    A New Holster Maker!

    That's awesome. Nice holster and really cool to see someone from a former Soviet regime enjoying American freedoms.
  14. Kozmo

    This old fart has a new Early Lancaster

    That is one outstanding rifle. We'll done.
  15. Kozmo

    Horn kits?

    I bought my horn and individual parts from powder horns and more. I thought about a kit but decided to chose the individual horn myself. I did get a premade plug that I modified. I would recommend making your own.
  16. Kozmo

    Back to old kit, work stand, and advice...

    Good luck with finishing your rifle. I had several month-long gaps in building my first rifle (kibler) due to the same "chicken-out" episodes. The good thing was it allowed me to step away, learn (I watched a lot of YouTube build videos) and come back to the rifle in a more confident frame of...
  17. Kozmo

    Yet Another Kibler Longrifles Kit Build...

    Nice work Troy! I'm reliving my SMR build through your posts! I had many of the same experiences from wonky lug pins to lessons in going slow and steady. Your stock looks similar to mine too. Is yours a sugar maple? Here's how mine finished out. With aqua Fortis, I'll bet you get some similar...
  18. Kozmo

    A builder's bench : tools, vises, etc

    Bob nailed it. And I really need that vise for my next build!
  19. Kozmo

    SOLD Bag knife/ patch knife 165. shipped

    Just a plug for Tallpines' craftsmanship. I bought one of his knives with a similar blade profile to this one. It's a really well made blade with a handle that includes the neat pewter bolster like on this one. Buy with confidence. Tallpine makes a great knife!
  20. Kozmo

    New Kibler

    Last time I talked to Katherine she said Jim was seriously considering a trade gun or Fowler. I'm down for whatever smoothie he produces! Fingers crossed it comes sooner than later.