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    The date code is 256/93 which is 1993? Are they still in business
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    Bought today at local flea market in livingstonville ny 3 pounds pyrodex rs 1 pound elephant brand 4f from Brazil and 1 tin number 11caps the 4f was made by penambuco powder factory does anyone know more about this manufacturer
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    Looking for Information on Euroarms 1803 Rifle

    Sorry octagonal area
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    Looking for Information on Euroarms 1803 Rifle

    On my euroarms 1803 the barrel tapers from 1 1/16 at the rear of the hexagonal area to 15/16 at front
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    Worcester NY 9 /26/21 cannon shoot

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    Which Indian (from India) Brown Bess?

    Here's the second picture
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    Which Indian (from India) Brown Bess?

    I was told this is an original India pattern
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    Two shot rifles

    Spring loaded plunger and detent notch one on each side there is debate about Timothy Murphy using a flintlock version at Saratoga.his former home in nearby Charlotteville NY this one was bought at the Oneonta NY gun show a few years back
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    Two shot rifles

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    Help From Upstate New Yorkers.

    To 59sharps I'm off Vandeusen up on top of Diddish hill
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    Help From Upstate New Yorkers.

    Some of the history in my area Butts Corner NY⅞
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    On the 1000 yard range

    Worcester ny 2016
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    The Timothy Murphy shot.

    My neighbor from history
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    Muzzleloader shooting distance

    The record kill shot by the Canadian sniper was all about Kentucky windage
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    WANTED ASM vest pocket Derringer tool

    Small diameter nipple wrench for side-break Derringer needs to be same as bore .310
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    I live in Butts Corner NY about 12 miles east of Oneonta settled by Jacob Butts in 1790
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    Whistling balls

    Cannon shoot at Worcester NY June 2016 the balls cast of zinc sound like they tearing their way through the air
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    Stoeger arms

    Barrel on pictured gun is .156 inch at muzzle and hexagonal breech area measures 1.250 wide by 4 inch long. bore is .90 length is 34.5
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    Hello from NY

    Welcome from Butts corner NY Outdoor gun this Sunday at Unadilla ny free admission
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    Stoeger arms

    Thanks for quick replies will be for sale soon