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  1. Jay Templin

    62" Gun sock needed.

    Contact John White at Avalon Forge. Jay
  2. Jay Templin

    When was graphite added to black powder?

    Polishing powder with graphite during tumbling started in the middle of the seventeenth century. Jay
  3. Jay Templin

    New muzzleloader from VA

    Welcome from Charles City, Virginia! Jay
  4. Jay Templin

    Hunting with Smoothbore

    Simmer down, son- you’re gonna give yourself or an admin an aneurism with this mess. And no, the King’s Arm certainly did not use “Rocks, Nails, Glass whatever... when they ran out of lead.” Splendid way to destroy your gun, your face, your off hand. That’s what bayonets are for, and why every...
  5. Jay Templin

    Poison Round Balls

    Don’t know about roundballs, but a bit of lore passed down through the Rappahannock tribe here in Virginia says that in the tribal wars of the 17th century, men would poison arrows by pulverizing a deer’s liver, aging it 3 days tied up in the deer’s stomach, then find one of our local canebrake...
  6. Jay Templin


    Also, the First Amendment protects free speech from the government. It doesn’t give you blanket permission to shoot your mouth off anywhere you like. Too many people seem to have missed that day in civics class. Jay
  7. Jay Templin

    Amusing/Ridiculous Muzzleloading Misconceptions...

    Objectively, nothing, but on a purely subjective note, the Prius is one of the most uncomfortable cars I have ever driven. Had one as a loaner a few years ago while my Saturn was in the shop, and after 3 days I took it back and told them I would rather walk. Jay
  8. Jay Templin

    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Jim. I really enjoyed reading and learning from your father’s posts on here. He’ll be sorely missed. Jay
  9. Jay Templin

    Youtube - Gun building videos being removed

    I guess it violates their community standards? 🙄🤣🤣🤣 Jay
  10. Jay Templin

    62 cal 2 shot Load Testing

    Looking at the link you posted, the tapered cartridge looks like a lot more fuss for no real benefit over a traditional straight cartridge, at least as far as I can see. Jay
  11. Jay Templin

    Youtube - Gun building videos being removed

    Look again. Not banned. I literally just started watching it again a minute ago. Jay
  12. Jay Templin

    Brand new

    Indeed. My favourite reward posted in the Virginia Gazette for a runaway apprentice was “a handful of shavings.” Sounds like he was in a big hurry to get that kid back! 🤣 Jay
  13. Jay Templin

    Brand new

    It’s actually from Middle English, based on the French “journee,” meaning “a whole day,” not “journey” as in “a trip.” (Thanks, William the Conqueror!) Apprentices could be paid, depending on their master and the contract, for work done in their free time. Journeymen got paid an entire day’s pay...
  14. Jay Templin

    Brand new

    Well, welcome anyway! 🤣 They’re also black powder shooters from Carolina, used to run the pistol match at the OVPR rendezvous in Surry, Virginia. Jay
  15. Jay Templin

    Brand new

    Bowers? Any relation to Tracy, Michael, and them? Jay
  16. Jay Templin

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I took our troop (528) to Raven Knob in 2018. It was awesome, even if everything IS uphill both ways! My son and I actually climbed the knob. Wasn’t sure my fat ol’ butt was going to make it... Jay
  17. Jay Templin

    Pushing For More Reasonable Hunting Regulations?

    When we were pushing for the creation of the muzzleloading season, ole buddy, it was put forward as a traditional season. Politicians bitched that up at the last minute, too. As they do. Jay
  18. Jay Templin

    Pushing For More Reasonable Hunting Regulations?

    The purpose of the muzzleloader season was to encourage hunting with the traditional guns. If people want to hunt with breechloading “muzzleloaders,” or piezoelectric ignition, or any of the rest of this newfangled junk, they can wait two bloody weeks. AND GET OFF MY LAWN! 👴🏻
  19. Jay Templin

    Pushing For More Reasonable Hunting Regulations?

    If you load the powder from the breech, it is NOT a muzzleloader. I don’t care what ridiculous justifications they come up with. Jay