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  1. dave_person

    Hoping to learn more about this rifle...can you help? ;-)

    Hi, I believe Phil Quaglino was active in Vermont, hence the name "Chimney Point", which is an historic location on Lake Champlain. Several of my shooting friends have rifles by him. He may have moved to NH and then Florida but the Chimney Point refers originally to his time in Vermont. dave
  2. dave_person

    Kibler Flintlock--question about cleaning and spots on barrel

    Hi, I notice that a lot of folks posting their Kibler assemblies appear to not do much polishing on the outside of the locks to remove the cast surface. The original English locks of that type were not cast and did not have that bead blasted surface. They were polished and left bright or...
  3. dave_person

    Making and early Peter Berry rifle

    Hi Guys, Do you see what Berry did with this hinge? I believe it is a hybrid using some soldering. I think the hinge attached to the lid was soldered on as a separate piece. On the front finial, I think the center knuckle is a separate piece but the end knuckles were formed from the finial...
  4. dave_person

    Robert Hoyt Barrels

    Hi, That price was not "pretty reasonable". it was a steal. Bob probably spent $50 worth of his time just setting the job up. dave
  5. dave_person

    Caywood Wilson Trade Gun

    Hi, Vent liners are not modern improvements. I have a 300-yr old Spanish barrel that was originally mounted with a funneled touch hole liner. That was the common practice for those barrel makers. However, trade guns certainly were not fitted with liners originally like the better quality...
  6. dave_person

    Making and early Peter Berry rifle

    Hi, The patch box is ready for inletting. I finished the side plates and cleaned up all the edges, ready to go. Tomorrow, I will start inletting it. I will leave the rivet "bumps" on the outside of the lid until I final file and polish the lid. I will also move the box forward a bit. There...
  7. dave_person

    Pecatonica Tennesse Classic; Pics and 1st Shot

    Nice rifle Bob. Good job! dave
  8. dave_person

    Making and early Peter Berry rifle

    Hi, More done. I finished the main finial, lid, and hinge for the patch box. Making the hinge separate from the lid and finial simplifies things a lot and makes for nice precise hinges. Taylor commented about the low knuckles. That has more to do with the 5/64" wire hinge and 0.040"...
  9. dave_person

    early Roman miquelet lock (a beast)

    Hi, I wonder if the lock replaced a wheelock? I've seen that before and it does not need to be from a wall gun. Many wheelock musket locks were very large. For those speculating on using quartz, here is the real thing. The lock is a Chambers round-faced English lock that I tuned. dave
  10. dave_person

    Mdm tomawacker 12 gauge

    Hi, Is this an inline? dave
  11. dave_person

    Caywood Wilson Trade Gun

    Hi, I worked over the lock, trigger, and touch hole on a Caywood trade gun owned by a top notch shooter. It was a gun made in the 1990s and very well made for what it represented. The owner did well with it but he always hated the slow ignition and heavy trigger pull. He wrote a popular book...
  12. dave_person

    Wood carver mallets

    Hi, Here is his finished gun. Kind of makes folks humble considering Josh did about 75% of the work. dave
  13. dave_person

    Wood carver mallets

    Hi, Woodcraft, Lee Valley, Woodcraft Supplies, Garret Wade etc all sell mallets online. I prefer them to have a bit of weight and therefore, have one of Lignum vitae and another with a heavy round brass head. I grip the brass mallet (my favorite) around the head rather than down around the...
  14. dave_person

    Making and early Peter Berry rifle

    Hi, Got more done but not nearly as much as I would like. I have too many other tasks demanding my time this fall and I think it is time to completely abandon by old life as a scientist and let it go. I find I enjoy the work less and less. Nothing exciting but I think perhaps useful. I made...
  15. dave_person

    And Another Kibler Colonial

    Hi Norman, Looking great. With that big lock, my preference is for larger beaver tails. Little ones get lost in that big wrist. dave
  16. dave_person

    Lets see some flintlock pistols!

    Hi Auldjin, Nice pistols! They must have been made near the end of Twigg's career. dave
  17. dave_person

    Lets see some flintlock pistols!

    Hi, Here is a Bill Kennedy kit pistol I built last year. It is a match for my British officer's rifled fusil. dave
  18. dave_person

    I give up!

    Hi, Put a little grease on your sear and it will mark the trigger bars. dave
  19. dave_person

    I give up!

    Hi, Here is a thread that may help. Read all of it. dave
  20. dave_person

    What to do with a Spanish barrel by Bis

    Hi Guys, Thanks for your notes. I was offline for a week because my hard drive died and the computer was in the shop all last week. I learned and surmised a bit more about this barrel. Assuming it is not a counterfeit, which I do not believe it is, I suspect it was made by Bis before 1713...