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  1. Rick lopian

    FOR SALE WTS hand forged fire starters

    Everything you see here. $115 shipped Priority mail.
  2. Rick lopian

    CLOSED Small priming horn

    Nothing too fancy but well made. Thanks rick
  3. Rick lopian

    WANTED Remington .31 Pocket pistol

    Brass or steel frame. Excellent or better condition. Please PM me. Thanks Rick
  4. Rick lopian

    WANTED Underhammer

    Looking for fellow shooter. Open to any caliber. Must have nice bore. He may be interested in parts also. Let me know what you got. Thanks Rick
  5. Rick lopian

    SOLD Philadelphia Derringer

    Cute little guy.. 45cal. Bright shinny bore. Unfired? Should make great little shooter. $125 shipped to your door. Open to trades. PM me with what you got. I can add cash too. Personal check, Money Order, or PAY PAL friend or family.
  6. Rick lopian

    WANTED Underhammer

    Hello. Everyone in my club wants a underhammer rifle. I've been elected to find a few. Please PM me on what you have. Thanks Rick
  7. Rick lopian

    WANTED Underhammers

    Looking for a .58cal. And a .45cal. for fellow club members. Must have problem free bores. Nicer the better. Have cash or modern cartridge handguns to trade. Also have PCGS Graded BUST HALF DOLLARS. Thanks for your time, Rick
  8. Rick lopian

    WANTED Blunderbuss

    Looking for Blunderbuss for a fellow club member. He likes the CVA. $500 or less range. Thanks, Rick
  9. Rick lopian

    SOLD Gun books $60 shipped

    Sold as a lot. $60 for all 6 shipped. Open to trades.
  10. Rick lopian

    WANTED Cheap flintlock smothbore

    Hello, looking for a working, rust free smoothbore flinter for loaner/trainer for a muzzleloading club. India made ok. (Ok I said it). No pipe bombs please. Thanks Rick
  11. Rick lopian

    SOLD 9 ga. LH percussion shotgun

    .80 bore. 33" barrel. Custom made. Maple stock. I believe the lock is a Siler. 14 1/4 LOP. This is a power house shotgun. No cheek piece so would work for you right handers too. Clean gun inside and out. Should make a great hunter. Ducks, geese, rabbits, turkeys. With a round ball this will...
  12. Rick lopian

    SOLD .45 rifle

    I'm relisting this because the guy never paid me. Jukar made in Spain. Early 70's vintage. Perfect bore with Williams target sights. Whole rifle looks like new. New nipple, no rust , no pits. Super clean. 33" barrel. $250 SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR. Will trade for? Something old ,something new...
  13. Rick lopian

    WANTED Traditions pirate pistol

    Must be excellent or better. Prefer NIB. Thanks, Rick
  14. Rick lopian

    SOLD Competition ready Zouave

    Tricked out Zouave. Started life as a Zoli. NSSA ready, Tall front sight. Barrel relined by Bobby Hoyt. Now has 7 groove bore. 58cal. Rear sight has been modified with 2 peep sights. One set at 50yards, flip it up and taller peep set up for 100yards. Comes with bullet mold. Trigger has been...
  15. Rick lopian

    SOLD .45cal rifle

    Like new with a mirror bore. Jukar 45cal. Has fully adjustable sights. Rust free. Nipple and clean out screw removes easy. fantastic shooter. $235 shipped to your door. May trade for black powder pistol or revolver. Thanks for looking. Rick
  16. Rick lopian

    WANTED Confederate canvas rifle sling

    Anyone got one they want to part with? Dirty is ok. Thanks for your time. Rick
  17. Rick lopian

    CLOSED SxS percussion shotgun. 12 or 20ga.

    Looking for nice clean Pedersoli, Pietta, CVA or ? Must be rust free with no issues or Bubba work. I have cash and or trade items. $500 + or - Please PM me. Don't clutter my post with with idle thoughts or dribble. Thanks, Rick
  18. Rick lopian

    SOLD 50 cal

    Started life as a Traditions Shenandoah. Browned barrel 33” Double set triggers. Buckhorn rear sight. Entire rifle has a beautiful aged look. Sharp shinny bore. Nipple comes out easily as does the clean out screw. Lock is clean and works perfectly. All markings have been removed. No cracks in...
  19. Rick lopian

    WITHDRAWN .58 Trade Gun

    Unfired Jackie Brown smoothbore built in the Trade gun style. .58 cal. 36” barrel. Maple stock with Jackie’s famous wormwood stock. Light weight. 14” LOP. Mirror bore. $700 shipped to your door. Or trade for? Thanks for looking.
  20. Rick lopian

    SOLD 1861 Enfield Musketoon

    Stunning Armi San Paolo, (Euroarms)Musketoon .58cal Built in 1975. Beautiful blue, fabulous case hardining on lock. Bore is in my opinion perfect. If fired not much. Wood is great with a few handling marks. You have to look to see them. I would call entire gun 98% No rust, no pits ,no problems...