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    ? Testing the SkyChief load....

    Yeah, I fired that July 3, 2017, under cover of the fireworks, posted soon after. Time flies.... Spence
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    ? Testing the SkyChief load....

    It's not necessary to carry sloppy wet wads in the field. It's not the oil getting on the shot which makes it work, it's the weight of the soaked wad. I use Circle Fly paper cushion wads, soak them until saturated, then drain them and carry them in an Altoids tin, they work fine. I've added my...
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    I collected that image for my files, Stophel. It's a good illustration of a hunter using a stalking horse. Thanks. Spence
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    Off Topic warning... I can't either, but I find indication of hats and caps being worn at the same time to be pretty common throughout the 18th century. The Pennsylvania Gazette March 25, 1731 Had on a good Felt Hat, a Cap under it, The Pennsylvania Gazette July 13, 1738 He is a short...
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    Small game loops on bags

    Madison Grant shows a neat over the shoulder game hanger: Game bags were advertised in the day, so I went with that idea. The Pennsylvania Gazette October 24, 1771 JUST IMPORTED, and to be sold by NICHOLAS BROOKS,.... beautiful walking sticks of all kinds, new fashioned shot pouches , leather...
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    Information about BP measures.

    Well, I guess that depends on your point of view. For years I used an adjustable brass powder measure for all my loads. It was bought at one of the well known vendors, seemed to be of good quality. I assumed it threw charges reasonably close to its scale. I settled on a hunting load for my .54...
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    Skychief Smoothbore Load Recipe........

    Skychief soaked his wads in olive oil to a weight of 38 grains. I use Circle Fly 20 gauge cushion wads which weigh about 20 grains dry, I soaked some of them, the heaviest I could get were 35 grains. Spence
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    Information about BP measures.

    Have you ever checked the calibration of your adjustable measure? If not, you might be surprised how far off the actual weights it is. Spence
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    Get up gear

    (John Ferdinand Dalziel Smyth, *Tour In The United States; The Present Situation, Population, Agriculture, Commerce, Customs, Manners And A Description Of The Indian Nations", V1 & 2, 1784 Describing the dress of Carolina backwoodsmen: "Their hunting, or rifle shirts, they have also died...
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    Show me your turkeys

    Camo isn't necessary. Spence
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    Cheap Small Beer

    George liked this one. George Washington. "To Make Small Beer." From his 1757 notebook. Take a large Sifter full of Bran Hops to your Taste -- Boil these 3 hours. Then strain out 30 Gall. into a Cooler put in 3 Gallons Molasses while the Beer is scalding hot or rather drain the molasses into...
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    Leather workers and cordwainers, give us your awl...

    "He who would pun would pick a pocket." Steven Maturin, Master and Commander. Spence
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    Round Balls in smooth Bores

    Since other wild animals were mentioned, I would assume a circus, traveling animal show, or some such. Marbles were apparently commonly available. The Pennsylvania Gazette January 5, 1748 From the GENERAL MAGAZINE. A New Method of making BULLET MOULDS. THE Badness of the Bullet Moulds...
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    Small caliber twist rate?

    I have a rifle with a .30 caliber Bill Large barrel, the twist rate is 1:56. It's very accurate, <2.5" groups at 100 yards. Spence
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    Round Balls in smooth Bores

    It's HC/PC. THE VIRGINIA GAZETTE September 22, 1774 LONDON, July 11July 13. We hear from Haltwistle, that on Thursday last, a Collection of wild Beasts being in a Barn, a large Russian Bear broke loose, and instantly devoured two of the other Animals of the Collection; then made an Attempt upon...
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    Round Balls in smooth Bores

    I don't shoot at long distances, but I've spent a couple of sessions over the years just trying to see what the guns are capable of, and whether the accepted dogma that roundballs from smoothbores always head for the moon beyond 50-60 yards. I convinced myself they don't. Standard NMLRA 100...
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    Round Balls in smooth Bores

    I think we sell the guns and ourselves short if we just accept that as a fact. I have not found it to be true, and I think if more people actually tried shooting at longer distances they would be pleasantly surprised. Spence
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    Flintlocks: How to Shoot Them

    Typical Paul Vallandigham, wordy and chock full of misinformation. Spence
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    Original 18th century Virginia Rifle

    Some circumstantial evidence from the journal of Warren Johnson, brother of Sir William Johnson. He spent the winter of 1760-1761 with his brother in the Mohawk Valley of New York, and said in his journal: "They are remarkable at Philadelphia for making rifled Barrell Gunns, which throw a Ball...
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    Original 18th century Virginia Rifle

    Stophel said the one shown in Kindig is the same. Here it is. The legend says, "No. 32. Signed "John Newcomer"; length 65 1/2 inches; octagonal smoothbore 49 1/2 inch barrel, 51 caliber; weight 10 pounds. Spence
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