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    Caliber request

    It was pointed out to me that i have many posts and no caliber rating. Can you help?
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    How accurate are printed pics from TOTW online?

    Managed to download and print a buttplate pic from TOTW online catalog. Any clue how accurate the dimensions and layout are? I would love to get even an old catalog but they are out of stock. BTW my most current TOTW and Log Cabin catalogs are like 1982!!!!
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    GPR Improvements

    While still waiting to find parts for the "FrankenFlinter" thought i'd get to other projects, I have two of these GPR'S. A flint and percussion. I like the flint but will sell the Perc. (which is still new) Been unhappy with a couple items on the flinter and went to work. First is the...
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    In over my head with mystery rifle?

    I acquired a beautiful tiger maple full stock "rifle" in what i believe is Bedford style. It is simply line engraved and only metal was nose cap and barrel. The latter is an unfired (?)_ .45 Green River, 13/16" 42" flinter, with plug, touchhole liner, wedding bands and reduced flats last...
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    Skilled hands needed

    Mine are shot. Any builders in or near Florence Oregon? Fell into a golden age fixer that was a complete rifle and then had all but barrel and stock removed. Might be my last project but need help. Have many other ML and umentionable milsurp parts to trade for labor
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    DGW Catalog Sticker Shock

    Looked at the current online DGW catalog and could not believe prices. Thought that i had logged onto one in a foreign currency. Very depressing.
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    Mystery Lock

    Was in the estates muzzleloading parts section. I think its old but unused. Could it be period lock or modern? Never d and t for lock screws and no fly and old style mainspring.
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    Researching Charleville repro pistols

    Researching value/desirability of Charleville repro pistols as one showed up in my friends estate. Not seeing much on net anymore. This one is near new unfired. Anyone carry these anymore.
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    .40 CANNON KIT W/MOULD. From a late friends estate. He was a master machinist and built many full size and miniature cannons over the years. Unique and carriage never built, has elevator adjustment, trunnion caps. Comes with everything shown. Would make a nice cannon for fun salutes or...
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    New Englander With poor bore

    I have a New Englander .50 that is really as new outside but has a pitted bore. I believe it was taken from box, fired once or twice, and put back in box uncleaned. The bore is uniformly pitted but still shoots things like maxi-balls relatively well. Will shoot patched balls but accuracy is...
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    What to do with a pitted bore?

    As we go thru the estate items some perplexing things come up. One is a like new, Walnut stocked .50 New Englander that someone obviously shot once or twice and didn't clean. It now has moderate patches of pitting in the bore but looks like it just came out of the box. I guess it can be...
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    As it came to me so many decades ago. Complete in original box all there all new condition. Wern't many made and virtually none seen for sale any where. Very High quality. $650 shipped.
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    Help with CVA shotgun kit

    I have a CVA double barrel 12g shotgun kit from decades ago. Been putting off completing it until fully recovered from surgery. Now know that i can;t do it. Is there anyone out there that could assemble and finish it for me at a reasonable cost? It still in the original box with all parts.
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    Griffith Tool Co Lock/Plug

    Looking for an older (1980s) hooked breechplug, tang and lock made by griffth tool company back in 1980s. Some were sold as a set. Have a nice used hawken style stock missing these components and nicely inletted for them. They are still in buis, but new made ones are different. Any help or...