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    where do you buy your *original* cap-and-ball revolvers?

    I am primarily interested in original cap-and-ball revolvers, e.g. Colt 1849 Pocket .31 and Colt 1851 Navy .36 and Colt 1860 Army .44 and Colt 1862 Police .36, for example, as well as Remington New Model Army .44 from the late 1800s. This excludes modern reproductions, including the 2nd and 3rd...
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    anyone in the Tallahassee area of Florida?

    If so, then I may request some assistance with a muzzleloading item..
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    how to best slug a revolver barrel?

    What is your preferred method of slugging a revolver barrel to determine its ideal bullet diameter? I am interested in your various tips and techniques... Also, how would you measure the chamber diameters in the cylinder?
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    What is the current value of an original Colt 1855 "Root" Sidehammer .28 caliber pistol, Model 2

    What would you estimate is the current value of an original Colt 1855 "Root" Sidehammer .28 caliber pistol, Model 2?
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    fire hazard?

    Does firing black powder (revolver, rifle, musket, shotgun) over dry grass pose any increased fire hazard? Any issues with patch or wad being flammable when those hit the ground?
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    Enfield Pattern 1853 rifle-musket

    another example of inaccuracies in film; they never had to cap their muskets!
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    refiring lead round balls

    Have you ever recovered a lead round ball in good enough condition to stuff down the front of your muzzleloader (rifle, pistol, revolver) and fire again without having to melt and recast in a mold?
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    Does anyone collect (and even use) original vintage molds for casting round balls and/or conical bullets?
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    percussion caps

    Does anyone still use #9 percussion caps on their pocket pistols (e.g. 1849)? Does anyone still use #12 percussion caps on their large revolvers (e.g. Walker)? If so, then what is a good source for either size of these percussion caps, #9 and #12 ?
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    visiting south Florida

    I will be in south Florida for a few weeks and am looking for local gun shops which stock muzzleloading guns, accoutrement, accessories and supplies. Any good tips?
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    gun show find - percussion long gun

    approximately .410" diameter at the muzzle, smoothbore, caplock, 56" overall length with 39-1/4" round barrel, no identifying marks on lock, unique folding rod of some sort in its stock...
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    .31 caliber

    Who also has .31 caliber pocket pistols? Post pics if ya got em...! here's my original vintage Colt 1849 Pocket 6-shot before I cleaned it... and here it is while cleaning off all the corrosion... unfortunately I cannot fire the original cylinder because I cannot get any of my percussion caps...
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    Ruger Old Army trigger

    Which trigger is in your Ruger Old Army? I have 8 ROAs, both blued and stainless, with a mix of triggers in them (skinny smooth versus wide serrated)...
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    EMF Hartford

    Did the "Hartford" designation denote anything unique with respect to the guns EMF sold?
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    muzzleloading 'fireworks' ?

    Purely for the sake of discussion and debate, and on the eve of celebrating our nation's independence and date of birth, would it be possible to add 'firework compounds' into the black powder mix of a muzzleloading single-shot rifle or pistol for a more visual (colorful) effect? How would any of...
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    alternate projectiles in a muzzleloader

    Purely for the sake of discussion and debate, could one fire anything other than lead round balls in a muzzleloading pistol (e.g. single-shot Trapper pistol, rather than a revolver)? Theoretically, instead of a patched lead round ball, could one fire glass marbles? stainless ball bearings? hard...
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    half cock after firing?

    I have never before owned a muzzle loading rifle, but now I have my first: a .58 caliber muzzleloading 1863 Remington (Miroku Zouave). I have not yet fired it, but I noticed on some YouTube videos that upon firing a rifle, some shooters immediately cock their hammer to half cock before doing...
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    Cooper percussion revolver

    Does anyone have a Cooper percussion revolver, either a .31 caliber Pocket or a .36 caliber Navy? If so, then what do you think of its Double-Action trigger?
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    shoulder stock

    Does anyone use a shoulder stock on your 1860 Army revolver?
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    cleaning tips

    Until today, I have only fired black powder revolvers, in which I can obviously pass a cleaning rod all the way through both the barrel and each chamber in the cylinder. I have never had a single-shot cap-and-ball percussion pistol before, but today I fired my new-to-me .54 caliber Lyman™...