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    percussion rifle never cleaned

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    A Newbie wanting more info

    I have two Lymans (the old original GPR and the new Pedersoli). I have no problem with either butt plate, even shooting considerably off the bench with moderately heavy loads.
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    Anyone got a deer or bear this year? Our season opens this weekend, wondering how folks round the country are doing.

    The 16th muzzleloading season starts in northern NY. I have the first 6 days off, hoping for success with my glinted. Wet days I will carry my percussion GPR.
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    Starting Out

    Buy it
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    DUDE, SMOKED HIM!!!???

    unfortunately alot of newer hunters view deer hunting (like bass fishing) as a competition. sad. I think alot of the same hunters are short timers and eventually move along to another thrill. Media (videos, sport shows, facetime, etc) all tend to attract the immediate gratification /expression.
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    Warm water and dish soap?

    Having tried a number of different agents, I always fall back to hot water with a drop or two of dish detergent. I prefer hot as possible, preferably boiing to heat the barrel and assist drying. I immediatly swab dry, squirt with wd-40 and reswab. Never have a problem with rust, flash or...
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    Ignition issue with Flint GPR

    With my flint GPR, I do not have to swab between shots. .54 cal, butter bore lube, 80 grains. I can go about twenty shots before thinking about swabbing. That said, religeiosly between shots I wipe the pan and frizzen clean (just a quick wipe to get residue) and after loading clear the vent...
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    Cast your own, shrinkage?

    this is bizarre, but my cast bullets from a relatively new ( 700 rounds or so cast) .530 Lyman die, actually cool to a couple thousands larger....531 to .532, (compared to Hornady .530 balls which measure dead on) which my rifle likes!
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    New to forum. Interested in getting started with flintlock.

    Welcome! I am new to Flinters this year. I got a Lyman/pedersoli Great Plains rifle, and have grown very fond of it. Getting a rifle with a quality luck reduces headaches greatly. Have patience, what has helped me tremendously is joining a local black powder club, where I am shooting usually...
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    What sort of early season(warm) shirt would work for huntin in the next few weeks?

    Dstovall...Where are you at? Here in Northern NY, ML season opens in two weeks. We can certainly have heavy frost (snow unlikely, but not unheard of). My favorite outfit for still/stand hunting is a light pair of long underwear for cool mornings, with a light wool pair of pants over. Quiet and...
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    What type of rifle would have been in use...Colonial upstate NY?

    Great information and ideas. I dont have a "persona" at this time, but I do have family on my mothers side settled in the Town of Scott (south of Skaneateles lake) in the very early 1800s, and is documented as being the first white settlers in the area, and were known to hunt with...
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    Our Sport and Hobby....

    No death chant, There are more folks involved in black powder shooting now than a hundred years ago. I am confident the market will steer itself with a new source, but I intend to start making my own this winter.
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    Lubed patch in the field

    I cheat, I use speedloaders, whereby my powder/patch and ball are ready to go in one quick push of my short starter. I only hunt with a ML for deer, so I want to be sure to be as quick /humane if necessary with a 2nd shot if needed.
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    How much do you shoot?

    I just got back into black powder shooting this year. I have shot ML for deer hunting for thirty years, but my shooting was to get sighted for hunting. This year I am shooting because I am having so much fun! I have joined a local black powder club, and shoot almost every monday. Twelve shots is...
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    Buying a kibler colonial. 54 or 58?

    I dont have the weight...pretty sure you can find it on Kiblers site. For what its worth, the .58 colonial I have holds to the shoulder like a feather
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    If a spit patch works...

    I am thinking probably touching off a snot patch round would do a pretty good job of sterilizing it....much better than just dropping it in a can.
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    Problems with "Bore Butter"

    I used to use Hoppes black powder solvent/lube for patch lube, but didnt like how it dried out in my preloads. This year I went to Bore Butter. I have shot about 300 rounds this summer with it, usually in about 1`2 shot groups. I like that the patches dont dry out. I have had no problem...
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    Paper or steel ?

    Steel is fun for our organized shoot, but the paper is what tells me how I am doing. A near miss on steel doesnt tell me much. I believe in making every shot count.
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    Favorite Production Guns

    My 1988 vintage Lyman GPR is my favorite. Shoots great, carries well, and looks like its been around. Also easy to carry in the field. My new flinter (pedersoli GPR) is a great gun, but is a log to carry.
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    All-day hunt: What & how do you carry your gear?

    I do not need to wander terribly far, so travel pretty light. Usually I just drop my short starter in my pocket along with a few speedloaders, with a lanyard for my primers. For hunting with my flinter this year I have a small tin that will hold a few flints, etc. I figure worse case scenario I...