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    Little more progress today....

    Looks very nice!
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    Finished Kibler Colonial #2.

    Beautiful rifle!
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    Hawken squirrel rifle

    Looks good!
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    Building a pistol kit

    Looks great!
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    Breech Plug Removal

    Just curious. Why the warnings not to remove a breech plug? What harm will it cause to remove it properly?
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    Traditions Kentucky Rifle Build

    Looks very good!
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    Goodies , I like to own

    Very nice!
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    Rust bluing ?

    Using bleach to age iron is a well known feature of Hershel House and his brothers of the Woodbury school. Boiling bleach in an aluminum pot should be ok. May discolor the pot though.
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    3 sided triangle dovetail file

    I used an angle grinder. Was easy To do.
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    Round ball knurling

    Google Vortex Ball Roller tool
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    Ruggles Patent Underhammer Pistol

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    Ruggles Patent Underhammer Pistol

    I am very interested in your project. Please continue with more information.
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    Flintlock touch hole liners

    Jim Kibler says that the stainless lasts a little longer but does not color or patina like carbon steel. In pictures that I have seen, the carbon liners blend into the barrel better.
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    New guy from New England

    Hi everybody. Have not been involved with muzzleloaders for many years. I think I will again and want to learn about building them also.