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    Shooting a Percussion Conversion Potzdam Musket

    Gentlemen, anyone out there messing around with one of these muskets? I have been shooting mine with Brown Bess cartridges with 120 grains of Fg with a .658 ball, shoot quite well out to 100 yards. I have not been able to find any information about loads, but assume there must be a few of these...
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    Dutch Musket?

    Gentlemen, have had a good poke about looking for any information on this musket, have pretty much drawn a blank. It has been made from Potzdam parts, looks like most of the parts came from the same musket originally. It has been restocked some time in the mid 19th century...
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    Lead Lapping a Baker Fusil

    P1030153[/url] by Gordon Hazel, on Flickr[/IMG] Gentlemen I have been working up a mates little Baker Fusil, I actually suspect it is an English sporting rifle with a Baker Rifled barrel. It has a ver slow twist 1 in 110 .62. The bore is somewhat pitted so when I shot it the other day I used a...
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    Who Makes a 16 Gauge Wad Punch?

    I am chasing the above and don't seem to be able to find anything sensible. I need to cut both over shot and felt wads for a couple of 16 gauge fowling pieces. Anybody know who may be able to supply them?
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    Unable to Post Photos or Avatar

    unable to post photos from both flikr or from desk top. Keep getting exceeds capacity for server or in the case of flier I get a box with a cross on it. I seem to have been restricted to .5 of a meg whatever that means Please help as I was able to post here at one stage.
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    Removing Old Cones from a Durs Egg Double

    A mate dropped his lovely 16gauge Durrs Egg double over a few days ago. One cone had collapsed and the other looked mighty suspect. I had a gentle go at them with a tiny pair of vice grips, the collapsed cone, there was only the square shank section left, actually just broke off at the top of...
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    Uberti Vernier Tang sight

    Gentlemen, I have the above sight mounted on my first generation Parker Hale .451 volunteer long range rifle. I have damaged the eyepiece thread which doubles up locking the limited windage. Does anyone know what thread and if I can get a die nut to fresh it up? Looks like you cannot get...
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    Blew the Dust off My 3rd Model Pat 53

    Gentlemen, this is the rifle I started my black powder shooting with when I was about 11 or twelve years old. When I took it first to the range I was lucky to get 50% of the bullets on target at 50 m and would get the odd bullet stuck half way down. My late mate John Humberstone told me about...
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    Happy New Year

    Gents, down under we blasted into the new year !! 1 oz of Fg with a good dose of newspaper wad, no ball as pointing down the horse paddock and did not wish to ventilate no ! reining and team roping horse ! 30 second time exposure. 3rd scale 32 pound naval gun .New Years Cannon Shot by Gordon...
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    Combustible Cartridges .36 Navy

    Gents was given a heritage mould, conicals for the Navy Colt. I notice up towards the ogive a groove which is for lube? then the rebate at the base where it attaches to the paper cartridge. I noticed when Capand Ball makes his there is no lube, or even a lubed wad. I have made mine with a lubed...
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    Interesting Day at the Range

    Gentlemen, my mate Dave bought a GW Bales of Ipswich Colchester two band Enfield Volunteer rifle. It has chequering about the wrist and for end, nice steel fittings, including the ver nice pistol grip type trigger guard, (correct term eludes me). Bore is pretty good, but it is only 3 groove...
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    Pedersoli Jäger Rifle, Any One Shoot one ?

    Gents, have a mate who is most interested in the above, but we do now have any of these rifles in stock here in Perth WA. Have any of you on this site got one, if so how well does it shoot with either REAL or patched round ball? Most interested if anyone has shot patched ball out of these...
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    Two 16 Gauge Fowling Pieces

    Gents, my mate has a nice Manton percussion conversion single barrel 16 gauge and a nice J Egg double barrel percussion fowler. I normally use a W and Scott percussion fowler in 12 gauge so am quite familiar in their use. What is a good load for rabbits in the 16 gauges? I normally use...
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    Loads for an English Park Rifle

    Gentlemen, wondering if any of you ever use the above type of rifle. I have a .72 with forsyth style rifling. Just the rifle no case and gear to go with it. It has a ver slow twist. I have been using 90 grains of Fg but the ball I am using at this stage is two small and I have been patching...
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    Officers Private Purchase Baker =Fusil

    Gentlemen a mate acquired this neat little rifle a little while ago. It has been restocked in a local Western Australian hardwood called Jarrah. I had the lock repaired, and he acquired a reproduction sling. The lock is ver fast ignition and the recoil is ver pleasant. Needs a little more work...
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    Caplock Conversion Jaeger Rifle

    Gents, a mate dropped this around for me to check out the broken lock. The nose of the scear has been snapped off. I am wondering if it can be repaired, or needs a whole new scear made. The rifle has a lot of features that are very similar to my early Lancaster Long rifle, the barrel is also...
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    Isaac Hollis and Son .75 Percussion Sporting Rifle

    #6 [-] avatar Sergeant Major Posts: 488 5 hours ago Reply Quote Edit More My Recent Posts Gentlemen, my mate dropped in the Isaac Hollis Sporting rifle, it is well used but nice and serviceable. Looks like .75 7 wide grooves and very narrow lands, Henry Rifled? I am guessing it uses a patched...
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    Early Pietta Colt 1860 Army

    Gents, need some help please, I have a mate with an old Pietta Mod 1860 Army Colt .44, sadly needs a few parts. He did order some from and English firm , but it seems that Pietta have changed the internal dimension of this model pistols parts some time quite recently. His pistol appears to...
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    Copperized Lead

    Gents, have any of you tried the above for round ball or bullets for say a .451 Volunteer or Whitworth rifle? I imagine that it would be to hard for Minnies' or Pritchett bullets. Also will it likely damage either aluminium or brass mould blocks? Cheers Heelerau
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    Rabbits in the Garden

    Gents have been having a war with these critters at the behest of the war office, finished up with 7 of them in the freezer. Made a Greek stifado out of 3 of them, was a lovely way of eating rabbit. The rifle was gifted to me with a couple of others by a late mate of mine that I had known...