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    T/c Hawken with 1/66 round ball barrel loads

    I have one of the 1:66 50cal for my Renegade. .490 ball, pillow ticking patch, and 95gr 2F Goex. It is a deer hunting load but shoots like a target load at 50yds. Best shooting 50cal I have. DANNY
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    First shot

    You can get Hot Shot nipples from Track of the Wolf and they are not that expensive. They put more spark through the flash chamber to the powder. They were designed to improve Pyrodex ignition (with standard caps), since it has a higher ignition temp compared to Black Powder, and I think...
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    1:48 Twist and rifling depth?

    Yep didn't notice the dashed line, it was faint compared to the rest of the drawing. :ThankYou:
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    1:48 Twist and rifling depth?

    Nameless you type faster than I do. We both said pretty much the same thing. DANNY
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    1:48 Twist and rifling depth?

    Yeah I know my topic. The bore diameter is measured across the lands. The way the picture is drawn is incorrect. It shows the blue line cutting the land and the opposing grove at the half mark for each, that is were the error is. If you rotate the blue diameter line counter clock wise or...
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    1:48 Twist and rifling depth?

    Loyalist Dave, This one has the flip up rear sight that is adjustable for elevation with the white diamond on it and a white dot front sight. You maybe right about the size of the the front sight compared to the target, but the front sight is round not flat, I use the apex of the white round...
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    Barrel cleaning issue

    Not sure what you are using for the cleaning patch. If it is T shirt material, I have found when it gets wet it seems to stretch making it thinner around the jag and not getting deep into the rifling of the barrel. What you might try and what I do is this. Run your first patch like normal when...
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    1:48 Twist and rifling depth?

    I have a Lyman Deerstalker 54cal with 1:48 Twist. How much improvement in accuracy/consistency would I expect see if I would send it and get the rifling cut deeper to make it strictly a roundball rifle. Never shot a conical and don't intend to start. I am use to really good accuracy with my...
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    Anyone Stocking Remington Caps?

    I bought 2 tins of Remington #11 caps at Fin, Fur, and Feather at their Ashland, OH store at the end of July when I was traveling home from a Archery Shoot in PA. DANNY
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    Nipples plugging

    Since others have mentioned about cleaning the barrel which doesn't help you at the range with the problem you are having. What I do to clean the barrels of my caplocks TC Renegades and Lyman GPRs . I use a 5 gallon bucket about half full with warm soapy water then plain water. Pull the...
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    Did the unthinkable to my GPR but I love it!

    I like my GPR, but I never would have thought they could look that. I would have thought a custom built rifle, looking at the picture. DANNY
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    Nipples plugging

    A suggestion. If the patch is to wet when swabbing between shots, you may be getting moisture in the patented breech. If that happens the new powder you pour in will get wet. I had that problem more than once and it was difficult to set off the main load with the caps. Then I went to this...
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    Short and light

    Lyman Deer Stalker may be a good choice with its 24 inch barrel. It comes in a left hand flintlock, 50cal with a 1:48 twist. They use to be made in a left hand 54cal flintlock and they are still out there occasionally. I got one last year new in the box. So that maybe an option, DANNY
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    My local walmart muzzleloading regulations sign

    It would have been nice to have seen a picture of the muzzleloader in question. Some of the "NEW" muzzleloaders will switch out to center fire rifle barrels. You actually are having to fill out that form for the receiver. DANNY
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    powder in the pan ignites powder in chamber

    Omhra, you just think smaller than I do. To the molecular level. :thumb:
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    powder in the pan ignites powder in chamber

    Omhra I am trying to figure out if we are saying the same thing or something different. A sharp piece of flint (or other mineral with the hardness of 7 or greater) being held in the jaws of the cock, then falling forward under the pressure of the spring, scraping the frizzen creating sparks...
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    powder in the pan ignites powder in chamber

    I am not a Scientist by any stretch of the imagination. You can't have heat with out a source. The initial source is the friction caused by the flint striking the frizzen and running down it scraping off those minute pieces of steel heating them up till they are molten. The heat from the...
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    .22 caliber Percussion Muzzle Loader question

    How do you measure 3-7 grs of powder??? A pan charger? :dunno: I am just curious. DANNY
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    You fine fellows are lucky.

    What I found interesting in that video, he is supposed to be a hunter, but doesn't recognize what he has in his hand, and ask his audience what it is :oops:. He should know as a hunter (especially one doing videos) it is the shoulder blade of an animal :doh:. DANNY
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    Shooting my first flintlock/ lessons learned

    Well with all that grease in the barrel your gun should load easier :rolleyes::rolleyes:🤣. At least you got every thing out. DANNY