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    Canvas haversack-style knapsack

    After hiking and camping with a PC snapsack a few times, I decided I didnt like having *yet another* strap diagonally across my chest, and set about making a two-strap knapsack. I bought some canvas, cut to to shape, dyed it darker with coffee (didnt come out as dark as I would have liked, but...
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    Eastern Woodlands Side-Seam leggings

    So, to distract myself from my "gun-issues", I decided to make a pair of leather leggings today, to protect my expensive wool stockings while running around in the New England brush and brambles. They are nice, but i'm thinking I"ll make the next pair a little longer. They reach a hands-breadth...
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    Could someone tell me what they think this is?

    I can tell you what *I* think it is: surface rust. I just dont know how it is getting there. I keep the gun well-oiled with Barricade. You can only see these spots when viewed at an angle (like in the picture), not when looking down the bore. In addition, any patches I send down the bore dont...
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    18th century wooden pack-frames?

    So, in the interest of decreasing the nunber of cross-the-chest straps on my kit, I have been entertaining building a backpack frame out of wood, so as to lash my oilskin tarp, my blanketroll, and a haversack-bag to When looking online, I mainly come across wooden pack-frames from, say....the...
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    Where to buy lead shot?

    So, I live in Massachusetts, which has a limit on the sizes of shot one can use for hunting certain animals. Turkey cannot be hunted with anything larger than #4 size shot Coyote can only be hunted with up-to-and-including FF buckshot, with single roundball only allowed during deer season Deer...
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    Storing 18th century wool and linen

    Essentially, the thread title is my question. How do you all store your wools and linens, to prevent damage from moths and dust and wrinkles, etc? Right now. i have my coat hanging up in a closet with two cedar boards in the pockets, and everything else (wool waistcoat, shortjacket, stockings...
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    How does one go about using lubed wads in a smoothbore?

    So, I have been looking into improving my accuracy with my 20ga smoothbore trade-gun, and I was told to make use of lubed wadding over the powder and under the ball, so as to seal gases behind the ball and increase velocity. Apparently, a historically-accurate method of doing this would be to...
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    1750s-period coats, worn closed or open?

    I am posting this here largely because it has to do with how clothing was worn in the 1750s. I can move it down to the "French and Indian War" section if that would be a better place for it So, I have a coat from the 1750s-ish, from Townsends. This one: 1750-1760 Wool Civilian Coat Obviously...
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    Small cooking pot approx. 1750s?

    So, I am looking to finish out my colonial scout ensemble with a small cooking pot, because eating biscuit and cheese year round doesnt sound too fun. Anyone have any recommendations? Looking at the "Crazy Crow Trading Post" website, they have on offer a bunch of small cooking pots that are...
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    Using Butcher Block Conditioner as external protection?

    So, I bought a wooden bowl and spoon a few weeks ago, and in order to seal them for use I bought some "Butcher Block Conditioner". Its from Howard (Butcher Block Conditioner | Howard Products), made with "food grade" mineral oil, beeswax and carnauba wax. Worked great on the bowl and spoon, and...
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    Tips for aiming and accuracy

    So, I have a 20 gauge smoothbore trade gun that I seemingly cant hit the target with. So far, I have been using an unpatched .600 roundball. 1) the shortest distance my range has is 50 yards, with no bench. Based on splashes on the berm, it looks like most shots are low at 50 yards. 2) i...
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    20 ga smoothbore flintlock pistol recommendations

    Hello, As per title, I am looking for a 20ga smoothbore pistol to match my 20ga trade-musket, so I can use the same roundball in both. So far, I seemingly have two options: 1) commission a pistol to match my long-gun. I got the musket through Sitting Fox, and they offer various pistols as...
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    Trail-food in 1750s New England

    So, a question that I already have a great deal of info about, but just want to discuss. As per the title; what would be some 'period-correct" examples of "trail food" for mid-1700s New England? Such as something carried by a militiaman on a scout or patrol, or a hunter doing their thing in the...
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    Possible degredation of lock?

    The above three pictures are of the front lock-bolt hole in the lock plate. The lock is a L&R Queen Anne Ive never seen metal "crumble" like this before. It came from the builder like this, i am.just primarily concerned with it getting.worse over time Once the bolt gets into the threads and...
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    1700s mitten pattern?

    I am imagining that mittens are fairly simple, but whenever I look up "1700s mitten patterns" online, I get results for womens mittens, weird vaguely medieval stuff, or knitting patterns. I have large chunks of green woolen blanket-cloth, left over from a failed attempt at a capote, and would...
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    Staining Tomahawk handles

    Perhaps a simple question: Were the handles of tomahawks and belt-axes normally stained? Or should I just leave it in the white and let it acquire its own patina through use?
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    Possible ring in barrel?

    So, I was looking down the barrel of my smoothbore trade gun with my eye and a flashlight (to look for rust), when I noticed a "ring" most of the way down the barrel, down by the breechplug. This ring moved when I moved my head or the flashlight, and disappeared when viewed from a slightly...
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    Moccasins: suede inside or out?

    Question as per title. I would imagine that having the suede side in, towards the feet, would make the moccasin a bit more water-resistant, but that is just my inexperienced opinion
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    Center-seam knife sheath

    Decided to own knife-sheath. A center-seam design seemed to be the easiest *and* perhaps most period correct for the early 1700s from what little info is available The knife is deep inside the sheath, and even jostling it around won't let it work free. The strap (more knotted leather...
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    Lock is loud?

    So, whenever I watch a video online about flintlock shooting, the locks on the guns being shot are quiet, with some soft clicks and clacks (at least to my ears, maybe the recording equipment isnt catching everything). The lock on my gun, however, is *noisy*. It makes a lot of noise, at least to...