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    Old Brass Powder Measure

    Got this is a box of old ML stuff. I have never seen this one. Works pretty well and increments are clear. But I have no idea what the bottom section is for. Anyone have one of these?
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    SOLD .45 Ohio Style Rifle

    SALE PENDING This is an interesting take on an OHIO style rifle. It is half stocked in a nicely figured Maple. Minimal handling marks. Brass, silver and stainless steel fittings. Missing an inlay on underside where ramrod enters stock. Mostly out of sight. The 27" barrel is Octagon to round with...
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    SOLD Custom .40 Fullstock

    Reduced. This appears to be an older custom build flintlock by a mid-level builder. It has a 32" straight taper (.950-.940) .40 barrel with slow twist. Very Good Plus bore. Nice brown finish with minimal wear. Stock is a nicely figured tiger stripe Maple. Two small chips out in front of lock...
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    SOLD Navy Arms .58 Buffalo Hunter

    SALE PENDING This carbine length .58 Zouave style Buffalo Hunter carbine is in very good condition. Shot very little, if at all (only grease came out of bore). Bore is excellent and mirror bright. Metal finish probably 95-98% Wood is excellent with minor handling marks. Small stress crack on...
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    Rendezvous in Leslie, AR Next Weekend

    Anyone know about the rendezvous/living history event in Leslie, AR next weekend? It is an annual event, but I can find no details. Thanks!
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    FOR SALE Colt BP Series Pocket Navy w/Box

    SALE Pending This is an unfired, generally very good condition example of the scarce Colt Black Powder Series .36 Pocket Navy revolver. Comes in factory matching box (worn) with paperwork. The only flaws are a slight cylinder ring, small loss of varnish on grips and two small scratches on left...
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    SOLD P1853 Hammer

    This is an original hammer for an Enfield P1853/58/61 Lock. The engraving makes it likely from a civilian rifle made on that pattern for the British Militia OR an export rifle. Replicas $55+ at Dixie. Asking $25 shipped.
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    Production Pistols .50 to .54

    Are any of the currently available .50 pistols suitable for boring out to .54? I know some have breechplugs that make that problematic. With a .54 rifle, I like to keep things simple.
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    SOLD Reduced IAB Sharps .54 Rifle

    REDUCED Here is another really nice IAB Marcheno Sharps .54 percussion rifle. It is also in near mint, unfired condition. Metal and wood are excellent with minor safe wear. One small spot seems to have not taken factory blue (see photo). Bore is pristine. Ships direct to your door. $795 shipped.
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    SOLD NEAT Antique .40 Chunk Gun

    SALE PENDING This CHUNK GUN was built by Pennsylvania Rifle Works, probably 1850s-1860s. It has a 46.5" barrel with smooth patina finish and some typical corrosion near nipple. Looks to be about .40 cal. bore near muzzle looks good. No bore light small enough. But patches move smoothly and bore...
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    SOLD REDUCED "Customized" .50 Springfield Hawken

    This .50 Springfield Hawken has been customized, making it the perfect gun to hang on the wall over a young shooter's bed, slightly lighted at night, to keep them interested. Wood is in overall good condition. Barrel has some finish loss. Bore has some minor pitting, but shoots well. The stock...
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    WANTED Contemporary .54 Flintlock Pistol, Part Deux

    Once more, with feeling! Last post was corrupted with cray cray. Looking for a modern .54 flintlock pistol. Prefer non-martial designs, but flexible for right deal.
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    FOR SALE LNIB Pietta 1860 Army w/Extras

    Title says it all. Gun is unfired with only the slightest signs of handling. The Pedersoli flask is nice. Box is worn. $350 SHIPPED.
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    CLOSED .54 Flintlock Pistol

    Title says it all. What do you have?
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    FOR SALE REDUCTION Custom .58 Hawken w/Gain Twist Rifling

    Photos of target added. 50 yards. 80gr 3F. .015 Ox Yoke patch with Wonder Lube. This a beautifully crafted custom Hawken style rifle from late 60s-70s. This date is based on the H.W. Robbins lock and he was active during that time. The rifle is marked L. Papesh on underside of barrel. This is...
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    CLOSED How to UN-SOLD an Item

    I believe I have Prematurely marked something SOLD. No communication from "buyer." Is there a way to reactivate?
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    SOLD CVA "Kentucky" Rifle .45

    This CVA .45 percussion would make a great starter or backup rifle. Overall finish shows wear, but no rust or cracked wood. Bore is excellent, with a small burr(?) about 3" from muzzle in a groove. It is missing the cleanout screw on drum. Any proper machine screw cut to length would likely...
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    SOLD Forster .50 Maxi Ball Seater

    Unused in unopened original package with instructions. Forster Products .50 Maxi Ball seating tool. $15 shipped.
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    SOLD 3 Nipple Wrenches

    One Pedersoli revolver(?) wrench in worn original package and two rifle wrenches, one missing cross piece. $15 SHIPPED.
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    Hammer Time

    This percussion hammer was in a mixed lot of parts I bought. Any ideas what it is from? Anyone need one?