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    Interesting Pocket Knife

    Picked this up this afternoon at an antique shop near Lancaster PA. Don't know much about it other than it appears to be quite old. Stamp on the blade appears to be GRAYSON, but I could be way off with that. Measures about 8 1/4 overall, blade is about 3 1/4 inches. Bone handle. What are your...
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    Interesting old rifle possibly Leman

    Looking for info on this one. Picked it up in Lancaster this past spring. About 31" long barrell 1" across the flats. About 53 caliber smooth, though probably was rifled originally. Plain maple with a few remnants of faux curling in places. Good architecture and good inletting. Cheekpiece is...
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    Masonry Nail Chisel

    Was playing around with some masonry nails I had and forged a small chisel. I figure it is probably something like 1075. Didn't get crazy with the heat treatment, did everything in the forge and quenched in oil and tempered it by eye. Holds a good edge even when cutting maple end grain. Cost me...
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    New Old Penny Knife

    I was doing some spring cleaning and found this in the back of my workbench. Don't think I ever shared it so here goes. This was one of my failures when building a so called Penny Knife a few years back. It started out as a new knife until the handle split when I was peening the pivot pin...
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    What is It?

    Picked this up the other day here in Lancaster, PA. Critical specs are 1.125 barrel at breech tapering to about 1.032 at muzzle. Barrel is 31.75" long and 55 caliber smooth bore. Stock is plain maple with remnants of faux striping. Think the lock is a Leman based on remnants of their scrolling...
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    Is it safe to intersect breech plug with drum?

    I have what looks to be an original Leman smooth rifle and I noticed that the drum is very far back on the breech to the point where it would have to intersect the plug. I know CVA did this on their rifles, but I am curious how often it was done by Leman and other builders. At some point I would...
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    Is it a Leman? Warning Picture Heavy

    Since moving to Lancaster, PA I have been enjoying traveling around the region and one of my favorite spots to visit so far has been Dixon's Muzzleloading Shop. This afternoon I made a visit and walked away with an interesting smooth rifle that sure looks like it could be a Leman. It sports an...
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    Picked up and Interesting Sheffield Folder this Afternoon

    Found an interesting Sheffield folding knife at an antique store near Lancaster, PA this afternoon. The style of the knife is interesting and I have not found one like it looking online, it is a locking design with an interesting tab release that extends out the back of the handle about midway...
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    Any members near Lancaster PA?

    Hello, I am re-locating to Lancaster PA and am looking for information on local clubs. I see that there is a Lancaster Muzzleloading Rifle Association but have not determined if it is close enough to Lancaster to become involved with. Any information would be appreciated. Regards, Alex Johnson
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    New Old Penny Knife

    Every once in awhile it seems like nothing goes right on a particular project. This is one of them. I started off with the intent of making one of my standard style penny knifes with a cherry handle and milk paint finish and all was going well up till I started to rivet the blade in the handle...
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    A Polish Penny Knife

    Just started working on it this afternoon. This is modeled after one from the region around Karpacza in Poland. Though there are some slight differences in blade shape and significant differences in the turned handle, it is interesting how similar it is to other examples produced in Trattenbach...
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    New Penny Knife

    Here is a new penny knife I am working on at the moment, almost finished except for drilling the blade, heat treatment, and than riveting. This is a bit planer than I normally make, but I was styling it after an antique knife I found online. I have seen several of this style so I would imagine...
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    New Penny Knife in the Works

    I am making a couple of penny knifes and took a few photos of the handle as it went through various stages on the lathe, thought some of you might like a look. The following shots were taken on my little 7x12 mini lathe. People more experienced on a wood lathe than me would laugh, but for...
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    Interesting J Russell Knife

    Found a rather interesting Russel Green River knife. This one with the cast bolsters and rosewood handle looks a lot fancier than others I have seen. Any ideas how common they were?
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    Another Penny Knife

    Just finished this one up yesterday, handle is Rosewood and the blade is 1095. Blade is about 3 1/4 inches long. These are kind of fun knives to build. Thanks for looking.
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    Shipping Percussion Revolver USPS

    Just curious what others experience is shipping percussion revolvers through USPS. I never used to have any issues, but I was going through the website today and it seems that the area that discusses antique firearms is cloudy at best when it comes to whether it is OK to ship a black powder...
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    Interesting Old Knife

    Found this at a garage sale this morning for a buck. I haven't been able to find out much about it. The blade is heavily stamped "Nothing My Equal 1796 Prussia". The blade is about 6 1/2" long, the bolsters are not integral with the blade but are steel and the tang is tapered. The handles are...
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    Bought an Old Trade Gun Kit

    I picked up an older Northwest trade gun kit today. I have not received it yet, but am curious about the maker. It comes with all the hardware, 1974 dated Green River Forge blueprint for this gun, an Italian made Lott marked flintlock, 26" barrel, and a pre-carved stock with no lock inlet. I...
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    Color Case Hardened Throwing Knife

    Maybe this was a bad idea, but I had a friend who wanted a unique throwing knife and since he has always had a fondness for color case hardening I figured why not give it a try. I used 3/16" mild steel plate and the knife measures about one foot long with simple leather handles held in place by...
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    New Shop Layout

    There have been a few posts on building new shop spaces lately on this, and a few other forums that I visit, so I thought I would show how I go about setting up a new space. A basement renovation last summer provided me with a new shop space to replace my old cramped corners in a small spare...