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    New Pietta 1851

    I just bought this Pietta 1851 Navy & I'm not happy with the loading lever. The hinge area coating is pretty bare. Is this normal for Pietta? My Ubertis look much better.
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    Hello from Florida (sort of)

    Hello. I thought I had done this but realized I didn't, so I'm correcting that. I'm normally in FL but currently working in the middle east. While I've always been attracted to BP & muzzleloaders, I never took the plunge until I got into them by accident in 2019 (this would be one of those Bob...
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    J D Long Rifles

    Hi. I'm looking for information about J D Long Rifles. A flinter is up for sale locally but I can't find any info on it. Have you guys ever heard of them? If so, price range? TIA