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    FOR SALE Knife sale 2

    Seems fair.
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    What is enable to push notifications

    Thanks, that makes sense. Will give it a try.
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    .355 cal. round ball?

    Check with Eddie May in Georgia.
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    WANTED TC peep sight wanted

    Try The Gun Works in Oregon.
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    What is enable to push notifications

    At the bottom of my screen is?, The Muzzleloading Forum would like your permission to enable push notifications. What is it and why and is that something that would help whatever?
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    WANTED Patch Material

    Log Cabin has it.
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    Hunting in California the snti-lead state.o

    Do not move to Texas.
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    Buffalo Bills in Orland

    More information or background information would be helpful on why they have had your gun for a year and to be fair to them with your negative post.
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    So, pictures of.....

    What is a stoat?
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    Goex petition

    Wonder why you think that? Cause they want your money and credit card number? Any your e-mail for future use?
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    And what does that accomplish?
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    In all honesty, Corps. are managed by the Accountants who answer to the Stockholders. You must make a profit to survive. Where is Sears, Montgomery Ward, Packard or Pontiac?
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    Who will now make your BP?

    Can you post their press statement with those facts please?
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    And what was the minimum wage?
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    Fire at Goex black powder plant

    Maybe the owners of Swiss, will branch out and by the Goex plant.
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    The "new" collectibles. Most of my inventory is in the old metal cans.
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    Anyone Stocking Remington Caps?

    How so? Lessons learned from a High Master shooter's at Friendship. I shoot CCI 11's. Have to turn the nipples down to get them to seat on most nipples in 1858's and Colt open top's. Remington caps fit better on As Issue revolvers. Remington caps also tend to self destruct better when hit...
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    Profanity even mis-spelled is not good for any reason.
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    The GOEX Plant is shutting down

    For how my seconds?
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    Sign The Petition To Save Goex

    Nope, do not put my credit card number out there.