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    Project Pistol For Lead Free Substitute Projectile

    Alternative to using those lead projectiles:
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    Plum Creek, The End Of The Great Comanche Raid Of 1940

    Courtesy of the Texas Rangers, who charged a far numerically superior force with "flintlock pistols" Interesting and a fun listen.
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    So what's the consensus on Pecatonica kits?

    I am looking at getting one of their Tennessee Mountain Rifle kits. They seem reasonably priced and have a lot of options. I am in no way a master builder, but I have built a couple of CVA kits and a Dixie TN Mountain rifle and was wondering about the difficulty level and what from the list of...
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    What Eisenhauer Thought About General Robert E. Lee

    Former President and WW2 general on the Confederacy's top general
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    Mortar Fire

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    Matchlock Revolver

    Pretty neat. He says he thinks the length of the cylinder is for large powder charges. Having shot revolving BP long guns, I think it is more to give a forearm holding point behind the front of the cylinder for obvious reasons. Sam Colt visited India
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    The War Of Northern Aggression's Most Deadly Sniper

    A must watch for you yankee fans. ;)
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    Any Thoughts On Pedersoli Kentucky and Pennsylvania Kits?

    Looking at something to do to get me through the deep winter and they seem to be reasonably priced and decent quality. Any input on them, and as far as the Kentucky vs, the Pennsylvania?
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    Can a Muzzleloading Rifle Be Built Complete In A Week?

    Reason I ask, is that I have recently been reading The Kentucky Rifle, written by John G.W. Dillon and published in 1924 by the NRA, and on page 29 there is an account by a Milton Warren an apprentice to gunsmith John Whitesides of Abingdon, VA, in which he states they turned out a good, well...
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    How Corrosive Is Black Powder?

    A very interesting analytical experiment on various powders, including black and different priming (cap) compounds. It would seem the heavier the black powder fouling in your favorite smokepole is, the less likely it is to rust. Who'd a thought?
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    Civil War Historical Wardrobe Showcases

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    Black Powder Price/Quality/Value

    A recent look at Graf's black powder listings has their powder pricings per pound as: Graf's House Brand: $16.59 Schuetzen $19.99 GOEX $19.99 Old Eynsford $22.99 Swiss: $27.99 At over $10 a pound more than Graf's...
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    The More things Change, The More they Stay The Same

    And they are not always what they appear to be. Violent Riots, statues being tumbled, symbols of freedom and their detractors.
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    Project idea

    I picked up a copy of Lewis Winant's Firearms Curiosa recently, which details all sorts of oddball gun designs, knife guns, double cylinder percussion revolvers, double barrel revolvers, alarm guns etc, and was reading about a sundial gun, a type of alarm gun. First I had heard of such a...
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    Problems with posting

    The last couple of days I have noticed a yellow tint to my reply box when I click on it and the toolbar across the top is disabled. Have I inadvertently changed some setting and if so how do I fix it?
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    "Panic"? Buys

    So the last little bit here I have ended up adding some more C&B revolvers. I kept watching one after another go out of stock with no apparent restock date and whit what was going on in Italy it seemed a good time to pick up a piece or two I had a hankering for, well one or two turned into...
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    Muzzleloader Centric Music

    Anybody else enjoy old time country style tunes related to muzzleloading and its era? Here's one of my favorites:
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    A Conundrum

    I brought this shotgun home in a trade for minor services rendered. It was termed a wall hanger buy those I got it from. Percussion 12 gauge, back action locks and what appear to be Damascus barrels. No marks I could find other than what I am guessing are proof marks on the underside of the...