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    Brass Black on Brass Furniture Question

    Our resident Metalergist Zonie will be able to translate the modern terminology I feel sure. Sharp water was, I think dilute Hydochloric acid. We only referred to it as Acky and it came in Glass Globe vessels packed in Straw in metal cages and handled Very gently. OLD DOG.We also drew silver...
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    Brass Black on Brass Furniture Question

    To Black Brass..Parts must be well polished with finest grit cloth. Make up 1tenth solution of Sharp water in a pot deep enough to cover. Fill another Crock Joule with Hydosulphide of Amonia, enough to cover. Clean the parts with Lime water and dry. First drench parts in Hydrosulphide, it smells...
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    Ready for a virtual ‘voo?

    Self "I solating" in Central England is gouing to be a bit difficult with No deer No Piggies No Bison apart from those in Zoos or the local's on farms. The odd Brown rat,a few Wood pidgeons tempted by the Mueseli I should be saving for breakfast and the odd Pussy from up the road. Carn't hit the...
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    Goodby To Old Friends

    Hi Feltwad,Have a few years on you and still trying to pluck up the courage to do the same.Two Daughters and a Son (now in OZ).7 Non shooting grand daughters(and counting) leave the auction house the likely option."Water under he bridge" as the saying goes. Hope there are still some Seatrout...
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    Ruggles Patent Underhammer Pistol

    Sorry Enfiel;)d.. Thought most under hammer pistols were belt carry guns.My riding boots are much too narrow to push a pistol down ;) OLD DOG..
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    Ruggles Patent Underhammer Pistol

    Sorry to hear about your limited movement.We have totally enclosed watery borders but still have the bug. My suggestion was not to move your normal 1/2 cock but to add an extra one close to the nipple.Needs to be carefully done but can leave you with a ready for use,bit like the hammer between the
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    Ruggles Patent Underhammer Pistol

    Hello Enfield.You have made a great job of your pistol.I like the internal Scotch spring.Leaves room to make a more esthetic guard to suit your hand. I too was brought up at the vice with a hammer and chisels with some hard taskmasters(including my father) but this always stood us in good stead...
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    Poof! (How to shoot powder without a load)

    I follow Feltwad and most Brits on this except I always load powder followed with a full wad column.Card (Fire wall) Kleena Card (Under shot) but NO shot. Works for me.. OLD DOG
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    Ten year old loaded Hawken?

    Sorry Rudyard about my miss spelling of Caviat emptor.My L/H typing is not good.Without right arm at the moment.Cuff ligament repairs. OLD DOG..
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    Thoughts on Eatable CWD Deer??

    Had me foxed for a while.CWD in U>K>usually refers to Chinese Water Deer.
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    Ten year old loaded Hawken?

    SDS Post 3.Years ago while stalking in Western Scotland I found a Derelict Leather covered 2 shutter powder flask in an antique shop.It obviously had something in it but it wasn't until I was back in England that I managed to open and remove the top.1/2 full of fine grain, possibly No.2...
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    So, pictures of.....

    Brit's Post17. We always have a large family flock to these on our woodland shoot during the winter. They are ,for obvious reasons , also called Pink tits. OLD DOG.
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    So, pictures of.....

    Hello Brit Smoothie,Compliments of the Season to you..I often have Long tailed(Pink)tits in my rough garden and lots on our ancient wood shoot.The original owner had her head removed ..I've been trying to snap a cock Chaffinch fighting it's reflection in an upstairs window but double glazing...
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    Period correct recoil pad

    Hello David, These Ladies and Gentlemen are talking about !774 not our era of 1874, tho' 'we realise M/l Were still in use over there.Would suggest that a piece of sheep skin complete with wool is a good shock absorber. I used to use it before Sorbathain and possibly more affective, after all...
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    Mountain Howitzer

    Regret not all was hand made.The chains are Machine made and electrically welded. From the look more than likely Chinese,but a great job on the rest of it..Prior to the late 1800's t chain was hand made and the links were hand forged and hammer welded. Been in chains since 1756 and still have...
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    So I have all this lead shot?

    Brit Smoothy,Post22. Have you tried steel in bio-cup wads yet.My best flinter has a Steel tube. What do you recon. OLD DOG
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    Front wrist / rifle rest for LR ML competition

    Powder trickle enquiry..Wrist rest. Old BUFF catalogue No.23/24 Page 55.There was just what you are looking for. A bit old and don't know if they are still about. OLD DOG..
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    Front wrist / rifle rest for LR ML competition

    Wrist rest for LR/MT shooting. Browsing an OLD Buff Catalogue No.23/24 Page 55 there was just what you are looking for. A bit long ago so I don't know if they are still about.. OLD DOG
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    Gibbs good shots

    Well remember shooting 5.5s at Sennybridge. About 5/6mls.Winged a few sheep.Never got a pony. 60 odd years ago.. OLD DOG.
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    Help with Bulnderbuss ID and RUST!

    Springfield Art, post 26,BEWARE .OLD brass Changes from "as cast",ductile Beta to Heavily christaline Alfa brass with age,making the tube rather like a fragmentation grenade.Have it Professionally proofed by all mean but be prepared to take a paper bag with you when you collect all the...
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