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  1. Davey Boy

    Blank rounds and Fire danger

    I switched from paper to flour because of the fear of setting fires. However on damp and drizzly days the drifting cloud of flour attaches itself to anything in its path. I didn't now model rocketry was alive and well until I found it while shopping on line. Recovery Wadding I couldn't...
  2. Davey Boy

    Inletting black

    I used in letting black yesterday and got work completed. It worked so good and every tiny spot was identified. How do you cleanup afterwards?
  3. Davey Boy

    Flintlock Smoothbore

    My best friend gave me this just before he passed. His best friend gave it to him before he passed. Both these men were patriots and served their country very well. I have looked around for identifying it and failed. My best guess is this had the barrel cut down, barrel rings adjusted to new...
  4. Davey Boy

    Whitmore, Duff, Wolff & Co.

    This is my first attempt to post text with photos. I was given this rifle by my Mother in Law who bought it decades ago at a flea market. It has been in her closet ever since. She gave it to me earlier this year. I looked it over pretty close and decided it was worth seeing if it could be used...
  5. Davey Boy

    Florida Panhandle

    Hello all, I love black powder cannons. Latest project a Whitmore, Duff, Wolff & Co. percussion rifle. Repaired it without wrecking its original antique value. When it's ready to shoot I will start on a smoothbore flintlock that needs work before it can be a shooter again. Almost retired but...