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  1. ZUG

    FOR SALE Antlers for Sale

    I am selling these antlers for my brother. He will be selling these as a lot and will not separate them for sale. My brother wants $100 for the lot not including shipping.
  2. ZUG

    FOR SALE Horns for Sale

    I am selling these horns for my brother who no longer has a use for them. The biggest horn shown is just about 22” from tip to mouth. That’s an 18” ruler above it. There are smaller horns and pieces of horns as shown. He is asking $60 for the lot shipping not included.
  3. ZUG

    FOR SALE Horns for Sale

    I am selling these horns for my brother who no longer has a use for them. The biggest horn shown is just about 22” from tip to mouth. That’s an 18” ruler above it. There are smaller horns and pieces of horns as shown. He is asking $60 for the lot shipping not included.
  4. ZUG

    FOR SALE Potassium Nitrated Coffee Filters for Sale

    I have extra (qty-18) potassium nitrated coffee filters that I will not be using and would like to sell them along with the leftover potassium nitrate crystals that I used to make the nitrated filters. I would like to sell them as one lot for $50 not including shipping. I will split the lot up...
  5. ZUG

    SOLD Lyman moulds for sale

    These moulds are my brothers and he is not casting any more so he asked me to put them up for sale. They are in excellent condition. They are the .375 mould (has one handle screw replaced) and the .380 mould. I will reduce the price to $20 each Shipping & packaging is extra.
  6. ZUG

    My 1853 Enfield

    I just received my 1853 Enfield in the mail yesterday and it is a beautiful rifle. The wood figure is more than I expected and the fit & finish for a production gun is very good. It is made by Chiappa.
  7. ZUG

    Polish Capper

    I received my Polish Capper in the mail yesterday and wanted to say it is VERY nicely made :thumbsup: . I have not tried it yet but it's form, fit, & function works like a charm. If any body is thinking of getting one I highly recommend it. The U.S. price was $41.00 with registered shipping.
  8. ZUG

    Civil War rifled musket

    Any body have experience with the Chiappa 1858 2-Band Enfield Musket? I have a Euroarms 1863 Remington Zouave I purchased in the mid 90's and I like it - it shoots a Minie very well. I would like the Enfield to accompany it. They both have 1-66" twist & same barrel length as stated in their...
  9. ZUG

    Two bag straps from OhioRamm

    After reading some of the post and looking at some pictures of OhioRamms work I asked her to make me two straps for two bags that I will be making in the future for my two grand son's accoutrements for the rifles I am building. We talked about colors and styles and came to an agreement - here is...
  10. ZUG

    Barrels for re-bore & rifling

    Never had this done so I am asking for some advice - here goes: I have two Green Mountain barrels 15/16 across the flats that are .40 cal X 34" (they were 42" but I cut them back for different projects). I plan to make them into Plains rifles. I contacted Bobby Hoyt to have them re-bored to .54...
  11. ZUG

    Completed powder horn with staples

    OK -- here it is - my project horn using staples completed. Installing the staples was not as bad as I first thought and the wall thickness of the spout end was thicker than I first thought. I drilled undersized holes and tapped the staples in. I used 0.062" diameter "bailling wire" which did a...
  12. ZUG

    How do you attach staples to a powder horn body

    I would like to use staples on a powder horn to attach my straps to. Never used staples before on the horn itself. I understand the concept but how do you clinch the staple inside the horn that is near the spout of the horn? Not much room to get a tool in the spout end opening to wack the staple...
  13. ZUG

    How I pour a pewter knife bolster

    This is how I go about it; I first attach my handle material to the tang. I then mark off the length of the bolster that I want with tape. Next I reduce the area with file to permit the pewter material to fill in the reduced area. I wrap manila folder paper around the handle to form a dam to...
  14. ZUG

    Minie Ball Lube

    It has been a while since I shot my 1863 Remington repoduction and I gathered together my "stuff" for the outing. I noticed that the Minies that I lubed with beeswax & lard (Mantica) a long while back was hard and brittle. I removed all the old lube and want to make up some new lube. For those...
  15. ZUG

    Toilet bowl wax ring

    I found a new toilet bowl wax ring and want to try it for my Minie's. For those of you that have/had used the stuff can you give input? The first thing I notice is that the stuff is "very sticky". I did take about 1/3rd of the ring and melted it with a 1" square of parrffin wax which did stiffen...
  16. ZUG

    Flatten Sharpening Stone?

    How would you flatten a natural stone? My grandfather was a shoe maker from the "old country" and I have his black hard stone that he used in the final sharpening phase on his leather knives. The stone has a badly dished out center that I want to flatten.
  17. ZUG

    Possibly moving to Florida or Southern Georgia

    I am looking toward retirement in about 1 to 2 years from now. I am looking at moving to the Delray Beach area of Florida or near Statesboro Georgia. One of my criteria is a gun friendly place, a place to shoot both black powder & modern guns + fishing. For those of you living in Florida around...
  18. ZUG

    Who made this 1851

    I bought a Colt Navy 1851 .36 cal. for my brother back in 1969 or 1970 as a Christmas present. He has shot the heck out of it and it is time for some replacement parts. I looked all over for the name of who made it but all I found were the proof marks and three capital letters stamped on the...
  19. ZUG

    CVA SXS Kit

    Here is a CVA SXS kit that my brother got from his EX in 1983. It was just sitting there in its box so I told him to send it to me. I did not tell him I was going to finish it and give it back to him for his birthday but now its done and on its way back to him so he can finally use it. [/img]...
  20. ZUG

    Patch lube recipe

    I just made up a batch of my patch lube & would like to know if any of you have a favorite homemade recipe. I use 6 oz of beeswax, 8oz of Mutton Tallow, and 2 oz of Crisco. I melt all in a double boiler and pour the melt into tins for use or storage. I just wipe the patch on the mixture and have...