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  1. ZUG

    Sear Spring Pops Out

    I use a Dremel grinder with a cut-off wheel to cut the slot - an engraving tool can also be used ;) :thumb:. The spring should lay flat on the lock plate when the screw is installed if not the spring's tab will rock in and out of the slot.
  2. ZUG

    Names and numbers of gunsmith businesses

    Rusty McGhee shot with the Santa Cruse Muzzle Loaders before he moved to San Andreas CA and opened up his gunsmithing business in 1999. He has won many ML pistole awards.
  3. ZUG

    Stuck bullet

    DO NOT drill the minie --- the bullet is LEAD and it is soft and will not expand to get stuck in the grooves of the bore it will flow as it does when you are ramming it down the bore to conform to the rifling and SLIDE easily in and out if the fowling is not restricting it which seems to be the...
  4. ZUG

    Record Breaking Shooting

    Some FINE shooting for sure -- congratulations --- :ghostly:
  5. ZUG

    A guy from Poland actually built this.

    I did some further research on this behemoth revolver and I now am of the belief that it is totally true -- amazing to say the least :eek:
  6. ZUG

    Uberti vs Pietta, Not the same old, same old.....This could be news.

    The newer Uberti's are not the same quality as older ones and maybe the Pietta's are now better in the parts quality / assembly phase but the Uberti's are finished better not that looks make it shoot better but if Pietta combines a better over all finish with their quality internal parts then...
  7. ZUG

    Ruger Old Army Ready for Action

    Looks like a fine ROA - stainless gun - it has the yellow & black card board box ( the newer ones were in a plastic box) . They are GREAT handguns and you will be very happy you found this one ;) :thumb::ghostly:
  8. ZUG

    Lock malfunctioning.

    Sounds like you are the northern part of CA in which case I suggest visiting Rusty's Gunsmithing 1039 Highway 49 San Andreas, CA 95249 phone 209-754-3713. He has been in business there for a LONG time and knows his stuff with muzzle loading firearms.
  9. ZUG

    Plugging muzzle for browning

    No one is browning the inside of the barrel (it's bore) -- if you are getting the browning solution IN the bore then you are using too much of the solution (being sloppy). The browning solution is only to be applied to the OUTSIDE of the barrel using only a VERY small amount on a DAMPENED swab...
  10. ZUG

    RMC loading stand

    You don't need to remove the wedge just leave it in the frame and pull it back enough to remove the barrel off of the arbor. That little spring is there so you don't loose the wedge when removing the barrel.
  11. ZUG

    Does anyone know who does charcoal bluing ??

    I think a GOOGLE search will give you your answer.
  12. ZUG

    A guy from Poland actually built this.

    It's still hard to believe this to be true -- BUT he's got the certificate to prove it -- but those also can be made up ---- I just don't know -- could be just one big hoax :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:
  13. ZUG

    Powder drum question

    Your problem started when the drum was removed for cleaning by previous owner or you which should have NEVER been done. The threads were stressed when the drum was removed and replaced which lead to the loose fit. To correct this issue you need to have the drum replaced by a competent ML...
  14. ZUG

    Lock malfunctioning.

    With your limited knowledge of the workings of the lock I STRONGLY suggest you find a competent muzzle loading gunsmith and take the rifle to him to get it fixed. We can give you suggestions till we are blue in the face but if you don't know how a lock operates then all our directions will mean...
  15. ZUG

    New Pietta 1851

    Luck of the draw -- sometimes you win and --well you know the rest:rolleyes:
  16. ZUG

    How do you keep it clean?

    A little "dirty wood" is to be expected and will be removed in the final sanding/scraping prior to applying the finish. At that time your hands should be clean and the wood should no longer be subject to dirty hand prints. :thumb: ;)
  17. ZUG

    Tap size for 1861 Navy Back Strap Frame Holes?

    A big manufacture like Uberti or Pietta don't make those kind of mistakes. The previous owner put the wrong screws in there or you just better hope that those screws are not cross threaded in the holes. Do as others have suggested and go to VTI's web site - you can also call them and get the...
  18. ZUG

    New to cap & ball revolvers

    I agree with FishDFly on this. I would just wipe off the oil that is on the out side of the gun, run a patch down the bore with a solvent or IPA. Run a solvent patch in the chambers after I remove the nipples. I would clean the nipples inside and out put some anti-seize grease on their threads...
  19. ZUG

    Bullet casting article

    Thanks for the info -- :thumb: :ThankYou:
  20. ZUG

    Plugging muzzle for browning

    There is no need to plug the bore or the touch hole when you are either browning the barrel or rust bluing it - you are wasting your time doing this:rolleyes:. If you are getting the browning solution in the bore then you are using too much of it:oops:. As far as rust bluing the barrel it is...