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  1. Woodnbow

    SOLD Green Mountain drop in LRH… TOO LATE, IT’S GONE!!

    Nearly new, it’s had a few break in shots fired but I find myself with a surplus of these fine barrels! This one is .50 caliber, blued with open sights. 1 turn in 28 inches and it’s 15/16” across the flats and 28” long. This will fit the T/C Hawken and White Mountain carbine stocks. Just in...
  2. Woodnbow


    I’ve been looking for a 26” NE barrel for som time. I’m not too picky about cosmetic condition but it needs to have a solid breech plug. Thanks for looking.
  3. Woodnbow

    CLOSED T/C 15/16ths breech plug.

    I’m looking for a breech plug to replace one that was abused on a barrel I recently picked up. Name a fair price! Thanks for looking.
  4. Woodnbow

    SOLD Williams FoolProof fits tc Hawken, renegade, investarms and Lyman plains rifles (I’m told)

    I know it’s a fit for the tc guns. Brand new, no box, no screws. 60.00 shipped CONUS. PAYPAL preferred, or USPS money orders. Thanks
  5. Woodnbow

    Cap shortage profiteering...

    Words fail me...
  6. Woodnbow

    Ball molds

    I have a few revolvers which were reamed to .456 by Charlie Hahn. They’re great shooters but I don’t like the way the .457 balls fit. That’s not so bad since most of the time I use a .458 homecast bullet from 195 to 245 grains weight. Still, I’ve wanted to make up my own round ball for field...
  7. Woodnbow

    SOLD 58 Remington “Shooters Model” .456 with spare cylinder. $500.00 plus shipping

    I keep finding these things and I’m not even a Remington shooter... oh well. $500.00 plus shipping, the gun has obviously been worked on, nice action and the crisp 2# trigger pull breaks cleanly thanks to the aftermarket trigger stop. I know nothing about the history of the piece except it’s...
  8. Woodnbow

    WANTED Fast twist .45 barrel

    ideally it would fit a Thompson Center Hawken but I can modify any 15/16” barrel to suit. Barrel length also isn’t that important as long as it’s at least 24”. Thank you.
  9. Woodnbow

    .58 Hoyt rifled High Plains Sporter

    Well. Bobby Hoyt impresses the heck out of me! I’ve got two of his barrels now, a T/C Hawken.50 bored to .54 that shoots a .530 with .15 ticking patches and just received the .58 in the title. It took just a few days over a month for him to receive it, do the work, and ship it back. I have only...
  10. Woodnbow

    SOLD Pietta Shooters Model ‘61 NMA .45

    I may regret selling it but here goes. Up for sale is my Shooters model Pietta. It’s truly a .45 caliber, chambers all measure .456 and I shoot .457 Hornady round ball. The bore measures .454 and the rifling is progressive, total rate of twist is 1 in 30. It’s very accurate and will give my best...
  11. Woodnbow

    SOLD Uberti 1862 Police revolver

    Here’s a nice little .36 revolver I picked up from the classified ads here some time ago. As you can see, the front sight has been replaced with a taller homemade blade which looks decent and works well. I like the 6.5” barrel, it balances well and its a cute little piece but just too darned...
  12. Woodnbow

    SOLD For Sale CVA .58 Big bore Mountain Rifle

    I can find no marks on the barrel indicating caliber, origin, proof, nothing. It was represented to me as a flintlock made by CVA and called the Mountain Rifle. It is identical to other CVA Mtn Rifles I've seen except there is no patchbox and the caliber is indeed .58. I've shot it very little...
  13. Woodnbow

    Inn museum near Canfield OH

    Years ago my wifes uncle took us to dinner at a restaurant/inn near Canfield. I remember it because the cellar walls were lined with vintage flintlock rifles from the time when Canfield area was the frontier... I can’t remember anything else about it although Uncle Bill may have said it was an...