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  1. PathfinderNC

    Ripple effect of Goex closing down

    As it seems Goex will be gone (if it isn’t sold), I was also considering the ripple effect of no good source of black powder (particularly if imported powder is restricted or banned). Flintlock users more than caplock gunners would be hit very hard. And who would buy a Flintlock if there isn’t...
  2. PathfinderNC

    SOLD .36 Cal Southern Mountain Rifle

    Well, as much as I love this one, I am going to offer it up for sale. I am asking $1,900 which includes shipping and insurance to the lower 48 (unless prohibited). A Kibler Fancy Maple stock with Jim's own .36 caliber barrel. I added a toe plate and Hunter's Star and did some insize carving...
  3. PathfinderNC

    .358” Round balls for a .36 gun?

    Are .358” round ball used in .36 caliber Muzzleloaders, or is it too large? I have a .36 and shoot a .350 but they need thick denim for patching. Can’t find .355 and see the .358” offered in various stores. Not sure and don’t want to buy what will not work. Thanks
  4. PathfinderNC

    Tennessee Rifle Trigger Guard Question

    My first Tennessee Rifle and the trigger guard is unlike others I have used. If I am correct, the rear of the guard has a small tab that will receive a pin. The large chunks are casting sprues? I am guessing that the two long extensions on the forward flat are also casting sprues and not for...
  5. PathfinderNC

    .355 cal. round ball?

    Can't find any .355 caliber round ball, just .350's. Anyone even make them?
  6. PathfinderNC

    My very own .36 Cal !

    It is now finished, a .36 cal that I have always wanted. Though I usually choose Cherry, I really like the medium-grade Maple stock that Katherine and/or Jim selected for this one. More figure than I expected! After doing all the prep work and staining it I decided that I would like just a bit...
  7. PathfinderNC

    Building a Pecatonica Tennessee Classic Longrifle

    I started work on a custom order Pecatonica River Tennessee Classic Longrifle. The customer ordered some outrageously beautiful premium Curly Maple, a Late Ketland flint lock and had a Rice Premium, Southern Classic swamped 50 caliber barrel shipped to Pecatonica for in-letting the barrel...
  8. PathfinderNC

    If FedEx stops delivering Black Powder…

    I was buying Black Powder on line and it struck me when choosing the delivery method that only FedEx will transport the Holy Black. If this applies to every vendor of Black Powder, it looks ominous for us. Considering the current direction things are going, I am worried.
  9. PathfinderNC

    .54 Colonial in Cherry off the bench

    I finished this Kibler Colonial rifle today. It is .54 caliber with a rich Cherry stock. I inlet a tow plate, hunter's star and a brass patch box similar to several pre-Rev styles in Track of the Wolf. I aged the barrel and darkened parts of the stock to give it an aged look. This gun balances...
  10. PathfinderNC

    1/16" drill bit 3" or longer

    Looking for a 1/16" drill bit that is at least 3" long. Never mind- Found one :thumb:
  11. PathfinderNC

    SOLD Kibler .54 (by Pathfinder NC)

    I am offering for sale this really sweet .54 caliber, Cherry stocked Kibler Colonial Longrifle. I finished building it a couple weeks ago and we test fired it at the range today (myself and Dave M). I am very happy with how it turned out. This rifle looks beautiful, holds very well and shoots...
  12. PathfinderNC

    Happiness is Three Kiblers in process!

    I have three Kibler LR's in various stages of life; One is finished and awaiting the range test, which will be on Sunday! It's a '54 with a beautiful Cherry stock and sliding wood patch box. I have posted pictures of it earlier. The next is it's brother, another .54 which has also has a Cherry...
  13. PathfinderNC

    Aging a barrel

    I am exploring ways to 'age' a barrel. I have been using cold browning which I like, but I would like an aged, 'iron grey' steel barrel. To get that look I probably went about it a much longer, harder process than really needed. It took five days of rusting/removing/carding to get the results I...
  14. PathfinderNC

    SOLD Newly finished Powder Horn

    Hi all, I just finished making this lobed Powder Horn yesterday. It is for sale, asking $140, which includes delivery to the Lower 48. The horn measures 15" from spout to the Pine base plug, is 3" high and 3.25" wide with a nice octagon-carved spout. The stopper is carved from Black Walnut. I...
  15. PathfinderNC

    FOR SALE Newly Made Powder Horn For Sale

    Hi all, I just finished making this lobed Powder Horn yesterday. It is for sale, asking $140, which includes delivery to the Lower 48. The horn measures 15" from spout to the Pine base plug, is 3" high and 3.25" wide with a nice octagon-carved spout. The stopper is carved from Black Walnut. I...
  16. PathfinderNC

    Stuck Ball Remedies?

    How about this one?:doh:
  17. PathfinderNC

    Finished Kibler Colonial #2.

    I have finished building my second Colonial Longrifle kit from Kibler. It has a Cheery stock and is .54 caliber. I used the wooden patch box option on this one (my first one I added a Brass Patchbox), which I do like. I added some detail carving arounf the wrist, cheek piece, and other places...
  18. PathfinderNC

    Making a Powder Horn

    I have been working on another Powder Horn for a couple of days and wanted to take photos of the project to share as I went along. Of course I forgot to do so as I got deeper into the job :rolleyes: ... This horn is from a steer and a nice size (over 12" finished), with some white for the lower...
  19. PathfinderNC

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Since the previous thread was shut down (locked) by our new moderator, I thought I would start one up again, as per the suggestion. So, let's get this thread going again, and share your muzzleloading related adventures of the day!
  20. PathfinderNC

    Carving in a Colonial Rifle Stock

    After fitting on the patch box lid and most of the hardware (the trigger/guard will go on later), I started carving the apron areas around the barrel tang and the lock panels, as well as behind the rear entry pipe. (As discussed elsewhere, I am thinning the wrist a bit by use of the tang...