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  1. olskool


    i do, of course i am deep in SC and you may need closed caption to understand me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    i have a rule, if i agree to buy any guns on line, i must talk to the person on the phone before i send any money! most scammers will not talk to you because all of them are cowards and can't speak American anyway!
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  4. olskool

    John V Speak?

    i have saw a couple of well built looking rifles lately on the internet signed buy a builder named John v speak, they appear to have been built in the 60s-70s anybody ever heard of him?
  5. olskool

    FOR SALE .54 Caliber English Styled Rifle

    this rifle is still for sale 10 months later?
  6. olskool

    Frizzen questions

    i have a Davis MG classic lock on my SMR, it had problems sparking if it did not have razor sharp flint, until after about 300 shots. then it got better and now it sparks a lot of fire even when the flint aint real sharp,,,,,,,,,,
  7. olskool

    Kibler Colonial .50 cal---debating on my load

    for my range loads as far as lube, i use dawn dish soap and water 50/50 for hunting i use my beeswax and olive oil mix. i cut patches at the muzzle. with the dish soap lube i can shoot till i get tired one the range and never swab, it cleans the bore every shot. i sighted in my 40 SMR the other...
  8. olskool

    TRADE Goex Powder

    wish you were in SC i could help you out,,,,,,,,,,,,
  9. olskool

    was there a "transitional Rifle"

    was there a transitional Rifle bridging of the gap from Germanic Jaeger rifles to what we now call the Kentucky rifle. or is that just fantasy? if so what did they look like?
  10. olskool

    Flintlock Slow Mo and lagged ignition

    i am 64 and have been a hunter and woodsman all my life in SC, i shoot a lot of handguns and am not lacking when it comes to accuracy with one. i do not flinch! i have been a handloader for 54 years. and a boolit caster for 40 years, and a self taught gunsmith for many years. i started with...
  11. olskool

    What's the best way to waterproof a Cow's Knee ?

  12. olskool

    SOLD Colonial Fowler in the white

    oh that won't last long,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. olskool

    First traditional harvest

    it is Shameful. once again i will try to end it by apologizing. i still stand by what i said, i am just apologizing if anything i said cut to deep,,,,,,,,,,,,
  14. olskool

    FOR SALE A pair of Remington 58s

    do you have another pair!
  15. olskool

    First traditional harvest

    hahahaha, well it has been fun and gave me a few laughs! and i am in no way at all mad! but please get back to me let me know what that butcher says when you ask him for some harvested cow meat! LOL!!!
  16. olskool

    First traditional harvest

    same here LOL but no i am in no way a victim. i can handle myself fairly well. i am just right and you know it! not even a close argument! LOL!! but hey we are men and we can be friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  17. olskool

    First Build

    were you a builder, R&R man or both?
  18. olskool

    First traditional harvest

    well we have come to an agreement, nobody was "rabid" we just had a disagreement, that's all. so now it's a "permanent "ignore" good God! it's over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  19. olskool

    First traditional harvest

    great! i agree. and i never meant you wasn't a man. i am just old and cranky and tired of the world i once knew and seeing where it is headed to. but hey, that is still a nice buck and i hope you kill ;)some more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,