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  1. Eddie Southgate

    Centaur Centennial Arms 1960 New Army Picture thread .

    Here is mine , presented to me by my pap for my 21st birthday . Pap used it during the Civil War centennial and as his timed fire target revolver during the early to mid 1960's . It has an added front sight and the hammer notch was widened to match . It was very accurate and won him many matches...
  2. Eddie Southgate

    Seneca Patent Breech

    Does anyone make a replacement Patent Breech Plug for the Thompson Center Seneca ? I want to make up a drop in with a .45 Douglas barrel and do not want to have to swap out the plug every time I want to change calibers . Thanks. Eddie
  3. Eddie Southgate

    New member from Tennessee

    Just a quick hi ya'll from southern Middle Tennessee. Been shooting black powder as long as I can remember and never had an urge to own one of the modern type of muzzle loaders . Don't even really like to call them that. Eddie