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  1. hinamanra

    Pedersoli bess lock

    Does anyone know if Pedersoli's brown bess lock is plated or just highly polished? I want to darken the lock and barrel either rust blue or brown to hunt with. The last thing I want to do is blind a poor gobbler with the reflection off of this, just wouldn't be sporting. lol
  2. hinamanra

    Lock question

    I picked up a .58 jaeger rifle at an auction online. I don't know who built it and I didn't need it, but had my initials ingraved on it so I took it as an Oman and bid $ 425 and totally forgot about it. A couple of week later I get an email saying that I won it. It shoots great, but I'm not...
  3. hinamanra

    A rough start to a great morning NE PA Gobbler

    I just couldn’t wake up, when I finally did it was 0530 and getting light, man was I dragging. I almost decided not to go out but this was going to be a sunny morning, the first after a few days of cold and wet. After a few cups of Joe I was ready to go, better late than never I guess. I...
  4. hinamanra

    Swapping hunts

    Has anyone here who has their own property or public land that they hunt ever consider swapping hunts? Like you come stay and hunt with me on my property for what ever season you would want at no cost except for the licenses required and vice versa.
  5. hinamanra

    Hammer Gadget

    Does anyone have an idea of what the gadget on the hammer of this T/C renegade is for?
  6. hinamanra

    Thinking about a Drop-in Flintlock Barrel

    I Have a T/C Hawken .45 That I got new in 1979. I've been thinking about getting a .54 round ball barrel for it, It's a 15/16"barrel channel. I've seen the green mountain barrels and heard good things about their drop-ins but the only barrels that I have been able to find in .54 are...
  7. hinamanra

    Tow wadding

    I want to try out tow wadding with RB and shot. Right now I shoot op card, lubed fiber wad and OS card for both. I get good accuracy with RB and have taken a few deer and bear. I also get good tight patterns with shot out to 30 yards and have taken a few Gobblers, Grouse, rabbits and a bunch of...