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  1. FishnRod

    Crockett peep sight

    Has anyone put a peep sight on their crockett? Which one do you recommend?
  2. FishnRod

    Coastal Oregon blacktail

    Found a little 3x4 this morning while carrying the GPR. 54 caliber roundball went thru both lungs at about 75 yards. The buck went about 50 yards before piling up.
  3. FishnRod

    Hello from SW Oregon

    I've been shooting muzzleloaders for about 25 years now. Hunted with them off and on over the years, but caught the blackpowder bug bad this year. Love hunting with my 54 cal Great Plains, and need to spend more time with my Crockett. Just returned home a couple weeks ago from a BP elk hunt, and...