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  1. J

    Does your persona age?

    Amen! Too many reenactors and historians have terrible cases of “Daniel Day Lewis” syndrome. Like many things though, it’s been romanticized to the point of advertising. Many folks have been sold on the idea there just isn’t much glory or glamour in portraying a farmer, or militiaman, or some...
  2. J

    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    I’ve heard of things like that before. If it’s weird but it works, maybe it isn’t so weird?
  3. J

    What did you do today

    For what they are worth, I offer all of my prayers and best wishes for her speedy and healthy recovery.
  4. J

    What did you do today

    No fun Bob! I hope all heals well! Today I took a trip to Dixie Gun Works. No real reason. Picked up a pound of Pyrodex P, a tin of 250 RWS 1075 caps, and a new powder flask.
  5. J

    Hello from the Blue Ridge of North Carolina

    Welcome aboard. I’ve been over to visit the Blue Ridge and surrounding areas quite a bit. You’ve picked a heck of a pretty spot to settle down!
  6. J

    Pedersoli Harpers Ferry load?

    Just a little ribbin’ lol! In unmentionable revolvers I’m a fan of the big boomers, too. I’m guessing your Harper’s Ferry is a flintlock by the caliber. I just put the percussion version on layaway. It’s a .54 smoothbore. Why they did two different calibers is beyond me🤔.
  7. J

    What to do with a patch box ?

    Excellent work! The precision fitting is beautiful and practical. Those tools are pretty slick, too.
  8. J

    Pedersoli Harpers Ferry load?

    The better bigger question, given current pandemic pricing, is WHY ARE YOU SHOOTING AT PLYWOOD?! That’s like shooting a platinum-plated gold target 😲 In all seriousness though, I’m sure the pistol will take it. The recoil management, however, is up to your tolerance.
  9. J

    How tough would a 495 ball be to load in my 50cal T/C Hawken

    I have three .50’s. All will shoot .490 or .495 as long as I pay attention to patch size. One is an Investarm rifle, one is a Traditions rifle, and one is a Traditions pistol. I haven’t noticed a terribly significant difference in loading as long as the correct patch thickness is used. I prefer...
  10. J

    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    I started with Grandad’s percussion Mountain Rifle. Put together from a Kit back when such guns still had made in USA barrels. Still have the gun, it’s a been retired except for occasional family events, but between grandad, my mom, her sister, and myself it accounted for probably close to 100...
  11. J

    Just finished another shooting bag.

    Beautiful bag. Well done!
  12. J

    What did you do today

    Called to shoot the sh😲t with a couple of guys I served with. Otherwise taking a lazy day around the house. Also finishing up the stock for the Traditions Panther.
  13. J

    Pyrodex shortage, newbie question

    I shoot a lot of Pyrodex and have had no problems finding it locally (both loose powder and pellets). Have to think outside the box sometimes when the local gun store doesn’t have it, but here’s where I check: Walmart. It may not be on the shelf outside of hunting season, but they might have it...
  14. J

    Neck Knife

    Nicely done!
  15. J

    Favorite Hunting and NON-Hunting caliber?

    I love .54 for both. I agree with you on the versatility.
  16. J

    Question Regarding Barrel Steels

    Hello all, I have a question regarding barrel markings on older smoothbores. I am familiar with Damascus barrels, but not so much with the terms “spiral forged” and “fluid compressed”. Can someone enlighten me as to the differences? Thank you all in advance.
  17. J

    What did you do today

    Today I helped the wife clean house, and then watched helplessly as my kids turned it back into the contents of Satan’s underpants in a matter of minutes😩 I also tackled a project that has been tormenting me for over a year. I love my Traditions Panther, but I HATED the black synthetic stock. I...
  18. J

    What did you do today

    Yesterday the mailman brought the Traditions Trapper pistol I bought from another member here. I also picked up a new watch (Bulova Marine Star for those interested). Today I’m taking the wife and kids over to McKay’s Bookstore in Nashville and planning a little range time this afternoon if the...
  19. J

    CVA over/under 50cal

    Boy I’d love to find one of those for sale around here!
  20. J

    Paint for flag

    Aileen’s brand fabric paint. Most chain craft stores (Michaels, Ben Franklin, Hobby Libby, etc.) carry it.