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    Daniel Boone I like these personal documentaries...
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    NMLRA Spring Shoot 2016

    For interested shooters who don't want to flip through the whole .pdf document provided on the NMLRA website but want to create their "Spring Shoot Match Schedule" they can use my interactive shooting program. It is based on the 2013 spring Shoot program, but generally there are no significant...
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    NMLRA Spring National Shoot Friendship,IN

    Only 5 weeks left until the Spring National Shoot in Friendship,IN.Hope to see you there! Using the Spring Shoot Program from 2013,I currently build an MSExcel Spreadsheet (works with Libre Office,too) that makes it easy to see what matches you can shoot, depending on gender, age class, kind of...
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    Looooong Range shoot at Friendship

    Shouldn't we have this match at the NMLRA Spring Shoot and/or Fall National Shoot? The long range stands did not seem to be really crowded with shooters last June. At our local (modern) range, they have only 375 yards and you cannot shoot there as a guest even for a fee. Since I can shoot around...
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    Defense of Fort Greenville Match

    Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the link to the Defense of Fort Greenville Match at the NMLRA Spring Shoot. Thanks for grzrob for holding this great match. I hope we will be able to offer more of those soon....and have fun watching.
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    Blowing Down Barrel

    Did anyone run any scientific tests which show the effectiveness of blowing down the barrel in a traditional ML gun? Probably not. The term cook off would mean: the barrel became so hot from shooting that it would ignite the powder just dumped in the barrel. If a barrel really gets this hot...
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    I hope I made a good deal today...

    Surfing around on some gun auction site, I stumbled over a "description" saying: .50 Hawken, can't find makers name on gun :confused: ,Has 32" barrel :grin: with very good bore :grin: , metal finish brown and worn :rotf: Has no ramrod :idunno: . Cracked stock at toe :hmm: . Price was low,too...
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    Observations at the NMLRA fall championships

    I have been to the National Championship Shoot this fall again and stayed for the annual membership meeting. About 80 people attended out of possibly at least 800 on the premises :idunno: . The biggest point adressed was membership numbers and their decline. My resulting remarks: The Association...
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    bore butter substitute recipes

    Since I am shooting my original jaeger rifle with an old wrought iron barrel, I have to use lots of borebuttter on my patches, otherwise the wrought iron barrel is too dry after wiping. I almost used 1 tube of yellow bore butter on 6 of my long patching strips and that is not very economical and...
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    steel ramrod for 1861 rifled musket

    A friend is looking for a steel ramrod for his 1861 percussion rifled musket signed E. Robinson on the lockplate. Does anyone know about somebody making replacement steel ramrods for this musket?
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    0.630 round ball mold

    Well, I am over here in the US for Friendship and thought I could shoot this gun and that it would be about 0.70 cal, that`s why I bought a 0.678 mold. I cast balls and they would not fit the bore. :cursing: I ground one ball...
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    Which builders from ML Forum in Friendship?

    I am curious which builders, who are active on this forum, will attend the NMLRA Spring Shoot in Friendship,IN? :bow:
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    Original austrian rifle from the 1740-1750

    Ok, today I got the e-mail that the rifle is ready. :grin: The original forestock was gone and the rest could not be restored, because some epoxy moron worked on it before.The barrel is signed in silver "Frantz Muck", who worked from 1731-1760 in Austria. It is 25,5" long and about a .70 cal...
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    Member gallery

    To Claude: Do I see that right that only Premium Members can use the photo gallery? All my photos are gone because I did not realize that. I have no problem if it is like that, but the software should not let you allow to create albums then. I always accessed the gallery from...
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    Need a lockplate to be hardened?

    Having that Pedersoli Hatfield flintlock where I won`t be able to fit it to the new rifle style. So I want to make a new lockplate for it.I know that I have to copy all the holes exactly,which I can by using the old lockplate as a drilling template. Will a normal piece of steel do or do I need...
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    Original Virginia rifle pictures with short LOP

    I am thinking about restocking a Pedersoli Hatfield rifle into a Virginia or early Pennsylvania stock. Since I am "somewhat" of an eigth dwarf,my prefered length of pull for hunting is about 12 1/4 inches. Can somebody with those fancy books send me some scans from books with pictures of the...
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    Pulling breach plug on a Pedersol Frontierman

    Hi everyone, I have this about 15 year old Pedersoli Hatfield Frontierman rifle in .50 cal. This flinter never fired as good as my custom flinter and the jaeger rifle I build last winter from TOTW parts.First, I corrected the position of the touchhole and it fired a little better but still not...
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    Jaeger rifle in the white from a plank

    After thanking Mr. Brooks for his tutorial,here I present my first Jaeger rifle which is now in-the-white using web-only resources. This rifle is a 2 piece take-down to make it fit into my air-travel baggage without sacrificing 50 pounds of luggage for a 10 pound guncase and to avoid surcharges...
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    Thank you HuntingDawg

    It was really great to publish that gun building tutorial. It helped me a bunch. I am just building my first selfmade Jaeger Rifle using a ToW kit but without the pre-carved stock. I aquired a thick american cherry blank here in Germany and build the rifle as a full-stocked take-down for...