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    Making Wads

    Looks like he could go back and punch some out between punches.
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    Black walnuts

    They been dropping here awhile.
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    Plugging muzzle for browning

    I used a slightly oversize lead RB tapped into the bore just enough to seal it.
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    Supplier Quality Problems

    Some manufacturers tend to have quality problems from time to time. They let it slide, then get lots of complaints and fix the problem(for the most part) and have good quality for awhile, then let it slide again. A modern maker had that problem years back, I don't know haw they are these days...
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    Hunting gun

    I'm thinking some kind or pistol or target shooting. Just an educated guess though.
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    Expired patch lube.

    What went bad about it? My guess is the alcohol evaporated out.
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    Soft wood does best for our purposes.
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    Firing the ramrod down range.

    I never have shot a RR down range. Dryballed a few times and once forgot to bring my RR to the range with me.
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    Lubing Lee REALs-what am I doing wrong?

    I use to dip them. I put the lube in a really small crock pot and chilled the bullets in a freezer so the lube cooled instantly. Crock had a lid so I just put the lid on when done to keep the melt clean.
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    Starting out casting balls and bullets

    If you go with a pot, don't use aluminum, it can fail from prolonged heat. Steel or better yet an old cast iron pot. You can get allot of your tools needed from a thrift store. I started with an old pot and a stove top or Coleman stove. A hot plat can work if it gets hot enough. I use a electric...
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    Hawker nipple issue- help

    A better nipple can help but probably won't solve your problem completely. Get something like the Hotshot nipple which concentrates the cap fire to help get to the powder better.
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    polishing the bore ?

    I have but only one gun that I own has needed it. It was literally destroying patches. It helped allot. I fire lapped the barrel also some.
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    WANTED .485 Round Ball Mold

    Beagal was the guy that cam up with the idea. He used aluminum tape.
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    Hawker nipple issue- help

    Sounds like you are pushing fouling into the breech area. After 3 shots and you clean, you need a jag/patch combo that is somewhat loose. That way you push the patch down the bore over the fouling and then when you pull it out, it bunches up and pulls the fouling out rather than push it down the...
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    How we ordered before the internet

    I use to send a little extra money in case the price went up a little or my math was off. Not enough money would delay your order as much as a month or more. Some places also took phone orders with a credit card. If we got our order in a few weeks, we thought that was quick.
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    #11 Percussion Cap Availability?

    Need to know about where you are to give you a good answer unless you plan on ordering them.
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    HELP, does anyone know anything about set triggers on a CVA 50cal ?

    Which CVA rifle do you have? I know some of them like the mountain rifle had problems with the trigger do to it being inlet too deep. All it took to fix it was to shim out the trigger a small amount.
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    Loading resistance

    That's most the fun of working up loads. Try different things. That's the only way you will find out exactly what your gun can and will do.
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    WANTED No. 11 Percussion Cap

    If we knew about where you are, we might could point you in the right direction.
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    Hot Glue Bullets

    If using cartridges, drill out the primer flash hole larger to help but don't use those brass for other than glueletts after you drill.