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  1. tenngun

    Any gunners mates out there

    I’m building a ship model. A small Bermuda rigged privateer thought to be from the Chesapeake bay. 70’ long, 18’ wide single deck with a 9’ hold. so I got little deck guns. What size would such a gun be Barrel per scale is 4’6”, 9” breech, truck about 20” tall. Not going to shake the pillars of...
  2. tenngun

    Copperhead 2021

    New movie, about New York during the late unpleasantness with the north. New York was pretty split, and the movie follows a split county and split loyalties Excellent photography and location/sets
  3. tenngun

    Of bacon grease

    My schedule is all over the map. About 80% of my dinner cooking is in a deep dish cast iron pan. I make dinners on my nights off but last week did some grilling out doors. Didn’t use my main pot for a couple of weeks. Used it tonight. So, I wash when I’m done reheat the pot to dry then grease...
  4. tenngun

    Dolphin strikers and documentation, hmmm

    On the front of a ship was a spar, the bowsprit, guy lines- stays from the fore mast ran to this to steady the mast. About 1700 ships started to hang triangular sails off those stay Since there was upward pressure on the bowsprit they ran stays down to the stem on the bow of the ship Pretty...
  5. tenngun

    Top ten most wanted in Texas

    I made Cincinnati chili. Got the recipe off You tube. Onion Garlic, spices,( chili powder, cinnamon, all spice, oragano, bakers chocolate, ) beef broth, cider vinegar ,tomato paste, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ground beef. Simmered for an hour or more served on ( may God forgive me)...
  6. tenngun

    Pomme de Terre

    Early Sunday morning
  7. tenngun


    We got about fourteen pages of outfits, let’s see you’ll camps, I’m dressed in one since this is clothing section
  8. tenngun

    Brass buttons

    Bought some from Crazy crow, made in Pakistan I’ve had more then one brass button come apart in use. These are solid as a rock. Thicker then historic and if one felt froggie one could file it down but I think I’ll be happy with these guys
  9. tenngun

    Riflemans frock, pretty late

    Never noticed this before. There was a Virgina regiment raised during the late unpleasantness that wore blue riflemanfrocks but we think of them as going out of style 1830ish. But this is a painting I posted for another thread from 1850. Is the fellow to the left in a riflemans frock?
  10. tenngun

    Of lead blocks and pleats

    Putting pleats in a coat but have no iron. Quick fix, made my pleats, dampened along the creases laid on a folded towel, laid lead bars on it and let dry. Pooof ironed pleats
  11. tenngun

    Johnny Termain

    Read this in grade school, never knew it was a movie. Saw it for the first time, today. Typical of all the little mistakes , but I really enjoyed it. It’s on par with drums along the Mohawk
  12. tenngun

    Reconstructing History

    I’ve been looking for an early nineteenth century coat pattern. Vest/waistcoats, shirts trousers are easy to find. Eighteenth middle through revolution are pretty easy to find, mid nineteenth is also easy, but early I just couldn’t find. But, then I found this web site. They do clothing for...
  13. tenngun

    Cultural appropriated

    Back in the 70s I had to look like the Remington ‘took you fer an injun’ drawing. Made a deer skin shirt. Wore it hard for years but finally pulling it off one day sweat and snow and fluids found at rendezvous wore the skin so thin I could put my finger through it. I assigned it to a decoration...
  14. tenngun

    Too stupid to trek

    I had planned a day trip. I made some paper cartridges for my TFC a few days ago. Thought I would try them out before I hit the trails. 100 grains 2f behind a .570 ball. They shot about ten inches at a fifty yards. I had packed up a little pot and some coffee, a bit of stuff to make a bit of...
  15. tenngun

    How long does it take to load?

    The British set a standard of four shots a minute. The best I ever saw was six by Ted Spring about 1987. I don’t prime from the cartridge so I bet I’m closer to thirty, thirty five.... I don’t shoot them very often. But I decided to make some. I don’t keep a pattern. So I have to make one, cut...
  16. tenngun

    1777 French muskets in the revolution

    Was listening to the Cap and ball you tube channel. The host is Hungarian, Ph.D of History I understand and just fun to watch. When folks start talking about differences in various models of a musket my eyes start to glaze over. I can make a general guess as to the model , but I’m not caught up...
  17. tenngun

    Casting bar

    Has any one cast bar lead? i thought of seeing if I could get a bread stick mold and try that. I’ve got some lead and want to cast some bar just to look nicer then ingots
  18. tenngun

    Josh gates Tonight

    Watching Josh Gates on the travel channel. Love his sense of humor and his show is just a chuckle through it. This last week he does Glass and the Bear. Josh is dressed as a tv mountain man hunting. I gots ta look at his gun.... What’s this? The camera starts at the muzzle then pans down the...
  19. tenngun

    Horn tip

    Ran through a box of stuff I had bought but never used I found a horn cylinder for knifes. Cut off a hunk and made a tip. It fits close enough for a card wad if I ever used them. Just thought it would be cute
  20. tenngun

    FOR SALE Deer skin coat

    Neighbor stopped me today and asked me if I wanted to buy a fringed coat. Her son had a tragedy in his life and this coat brought memories of it back to him. She talked him in to selling it and offered it to me. It’s about a size 46. Looks pretty new and hand made. I told her it would be in the...