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    My next build Jim Chambers PA Fowler

    Yep, that's where mine came from as well.
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    My next build Jim Chambers PA Fowler

    COOL, I see you have the exact same vise as me!
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    My next build Jim Chambers PA Fowler

    OK You're STRANGE!!!
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    Goex 4F out of Stock

    seems weird that Null B is cheaper than Swiss 2F
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    Has anyone tried Nylon or Rubber round ball?

    I got some shotgun cartridges from the game warden to shoot at a nuisance bear we had around the house. They were rubber buckshot.o_O
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    I used them in my .54 TC Renegade. Took one small buck with them. DRT.
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    Pigeons and barley.

    Thanks Britt. I sure miss being able to do that !!!!!
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    Hate to do it, but here goes.

    Bless you Sam. I too, have had a couple of strokes, triple by-pass surgery and caught Covid-19 while in the hospital for it. Just sitting here typing, I can't really tell that there was anything wrong with me, thankfully. I'm currently in the process of putting together a Kibler SMR, but my...
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    Scratch built longrifle

    I loved his scratch-built double barrel flintlock shotgun!!!!
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    Scratch built longrifle

    There is a guy on youtube username "Homemade history" that builds from scratch, but don't know if you can order one from him or not. >> Jan <<
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    beautiful knife TallPine. I still LOVE mine! >> Jan <<
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    Tweaking a Kibler Rifle Kit

    Just got my kit (ordered in June) today, unfortunately, I was on my way to the next state over at the time. will have to wait until Monday to see it :<((
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    How Long Have You Been Hunting ...

    Yep, understand the "BOSS". Same for me:(
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    How Long Have You Been Hunting ...

    Started when I was 11, now 74, so 63 years. 2019 in October, fell 10 feet out of a deer stand, landing on my back. This past October, had open-heart surgery. (Oct seems to NOT be my month. Wife wants me to give it up now. We'll see. Seem to be recovering pretty well. let's see what...
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    Lace up leather pad damage?

    Especially if you're JOGGING;)!!
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    Got a $1,500 budget! What should I look at?

    I ordered my .45 SMR in June. talked to Jim yesterday. Said they should be shipping it next week or the week after... THANK YOU, JIM!!!!!
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    Hello from NW Montana

    Ah, the COLD thriving metropolis of Wisdom!!!!!